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War Inc. Battlezone Update Released

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April 16, 2012 UPDATE
-Crash fixes
-Updates to Burning Sea
-Updates to Citadel
-Optimized textures
-Large update to Eastern Fall's detail settings
-Fixed bug with grenades disappearing when quick throwing
-Moved friend popup to left side

April 13, 2012 UPDATE
-TPS camera fixed when switching between FPSTPS
-Ragdoll was improved
-Camera positions changed for TPS mode
-Quick switch will now automatically select your secondary weapon after respawn

April 11, 2012 UPDATE
-UAV and Laser Designator now work in FPS mode
-New respawn screen, you can now switch between FPS and TPS modes
-Spread will now increase by 150% while berserk is active
-You can switch to another weapon right after throwing a grenade (No more delay!!)
-Useable items such as the UAV are now activated by using your fire key instead of E
-Attachments now have level requirements like all other items
-Picking up weapons in FPS mode is temporarily disabled

April 9, 2012 UPDATE
-Recoil updates
-Fixed crash due to animations limit
-Conquest maps hosted by server for levels 10+ now have 200 tickets instead of 100, also increased time limit for these matches to 30 minutes.
-Improved loading speed of web page on welcome back screen
-Updated damage indicator
-Fixed health desync
-Speed and health regen adjustments

April 6, 2012 UPDATE
-Removed slowed down for ADS for sniper rifles
-Decrease time to next round to 10 seconds
-Multi threading support was improved (faster loading time of main menu, levels)
-Updated collector's edition text
-Fixed supply crates not showing correct info
-Fix interference between hold breath & sprint when sniping
-Fix for shooting anim speed
-Fixed memory leak in physics
-Added loot boxes (inventory)
-Faster moving, slower health regen
-Laser: narrower and put range limit at 40m

April 5, 2012 UPDATE
-Performance optimization's
-Fixed crash due to video memory leak
-Fixed crashes when launching the game
-Recoilspread tweaking
-Player speed tweaking
-Added 64 player options for crossroads, burning sea, citadel (premium accounts only).
-Optimization's to Burning Sea
-Small layout change on Citadel

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