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  • 0.3.3

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Spec Enemy Player spec

Posted by JvIasterMind on 20 September 2011 - 05:23 AM

server is running silEnT 0.3.3

After all teammates are killed, the spectator camera starts following an enemy player. It seems like it starts following the last person that killed you (could be coincidence).

We are running g_spectator set to 7

What was the cg_followFT cvar then for that particular client? This will help us to reproduce the bug.

My cg_followFT is set to 0.

We were playing 2v2. Once we both died, both of us started following the enemy player.

Thanks, we will take a look at it.

changed status to: Awaiting Feedback

We couldn't reproduce it, although we really did our best. Could you describe the concrete steps to reproduce this bug? It would be even better if you recorded the demo.

We were just playing normal games. Everyone on the server was on TeamSpeak. This bug occurred about four times during the gaming session that day.

Basically, what was happening is that, say, my teammate dies (and gibbed) and I am still alive, the game automatically switches his screen to spec me as intended. Now, if I would die before our respawn timer runs out, my screen automatically was switching the the enemy player who killed me. As a side effect, since my teammate was specing me, he also started to see the same enemy player that I was watching. We were even announcing everything he was doing since we were seeing what he was. Now, as I mentioned, it happened about four times. We both died many other times and most often, it would just put the spec camera in place and not jump to the enemy player.

I will see if I can get some players to help test it again. I will also make sure to record a demo. I will also talk to the other guy (my teammate) to see if he has anything else to add that may be helpful.

Yes, that would be great. Thanks a lot.

We encountered the bug again in silEnT 4.0 a few hours ago. The guy that it happened to wasn't recording a demo, but he did start recording a video in x-fire while it was happening (http://www.xfire.com/video/4fb002/). Not really sure if it will be any help. I will continue to try to get a demo so we can figure out what is causing it.

I talked to another player from an etpub 9 server, and he said that it happens on their server also. Another thing to note is that every time it happened so far on our server, it was always an axis player that starts specing and allies enemy (might be just a coincidence).

Thanks. Please send anything you find on this bug. We will try to do some bug reproduction session again.

Hi, would like to confirm this is happening on silEnT 0.4.0. Sorry don't have a demo, but was told as JvIasterMind mentioned. If there are a few players and your team dies before you spawn. You will be able to spec one of the enemy players. This time it was allies who could see axis.

Happened again for me and my teammate on silEnT 0.5.0. I missed the demo again, unfortunately.

However, A different time, I started specing an enemy player after I switched teams and was waiting for the first spawn. It seems like it is probably related, so hopefully it's helpful.

This brings something new to the investigation. Thanks.

Finally we have some demos! One of our clan members was able to get two separate demos tonight showing the bug. Hopefully you guys will be able to track it down.
http://dl.dropbox.co...cBug_2057.dm_84 (Bug occurs at 20:57)
http://dl.dropbox.co...cBug_1647.dm_84 (Bug occurs at 16:47)

It also just occurs to me that I never mentioned that our old server running ETPub 8 never had this bug. It appears that the bug was introduced in ETPub 9 and then carried over into silEnT.

Bug occurred in version 0.5.2 as well. We will be installing version 0.6.0 shortly, and I'll see if it is happening there as well.

Want to confirm that it is happening in version 0.6.1 as well.

Is there any information that I can get to help you guys find this bug? Would more demos help (I can start autorecording every map to make sure I don't miss it)?

I think this might be a side effect of one unknown bug. The other side effect would be that, for some reason, once in a while, fireteam chat from a spectating admin is seen by some player (I'm not sure if this is limited to admin players only). Do note that this same spectating bug happens also in the Jaymod. I think it is possible it is the same bug.

I have been able to reproduce this bug in controlled way.

changed status to: Confirmed - Server Side

changed fixed-in version to: 0.7.0
changed status to: Fixed

Bug was in the handling of the flag g_spectator 1.

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