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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Update Released

counter strike

- Added Classic Casual to the Find a Game options.
- Increased running inaccuracy of rifles and snipers. Lowered recoil of negev, lowered standing inaccuracy for negev. improved famas secondary burst grouping, increased ak47 recoil
- Added money bonus to knife kills.
- Bot difficulty tuned.
- Removed the grace period for defusing the bomb as it allows to many hard-to-fix exploits.
- Fixed elite cycle time to be the same as CSS

- Update to the Main Menu screen:
- Rank medals earned by the player will now be displayed underneath their name.
- Play menu screen updates:
- Updates to win panel for Arms Race including: improvements to displaying the winner, animated elements, and progression icons.
- Fixed demo playback loading screen problem.
- Fixed placeholder elements on generic loading screen.
- Added timer to continue loading screen.
- Fixed assists in death messages showing up in modes other than "Classic".
- Fixed the "Next Weapon" panels not displaying properly in Arms Race before you got your first kill.
- Fixed alert text popping (position/opacity) behind the Exclamation Point graphic when the animation first comes up when the buy time has expired.
- Condensed spectator panel to minimize overlap with other hud elements.
- Removed old green tint from radar directional arrow and ring to match current HUD gray color scheme.
- Win panel can now show progress made towards stat based achievements completed that round.
- Fixed Demolition mode next weapon icons being incorrect.
- Added missing outline on incendiary grenade icon.
- When using a gamepad, the left and right shoulder button glyphs will gray out when there is no one left to spectate.
- Fix for the gun icons being too big and cutoff.

- Added Nuke SE
- Added Inferno SE
- Dust SE
- Added overviews for radar
- Aztec SE
- Added overviews for radar
- Dust
- Adjusted size of buy zones for both CT and T's.
- Shorttrain
- Updated radar overhead map: Removed corner sections, towers, and yellow "garbage" can from bomb planting zone.
- Train
- Increased accuracy of bomb and buy zone graphical indicators on radar image.
- Inferno
- Updated size and location of buy and spawns zone graphics.
- St Marc
- Rescaled radar overhead map and angled the bomb zone graphic to match the actual angle of the zone.
- Adjusted color-correction settings.
- Safehouse
- Adjusted color correction settings.
- Adjusted radar image scale and position.
- Italy
- Adjusted buy and spawn zone graphics for CT's and T's.
- Fixed extra-large and bright light coronas in hostage area and Wine Cellar.
- Fixed a tree at Right Alley
- Made a slew of accessible areas inaccessible. Thank you, Maiho for identifying these.
- Adjusted color-correction settings.
- Aztec
- Updated buy and spawn zone graphics on radar image.
- Dust 2
- Expanded and moved both the CT a T buy and spawn zones in radar image.
- Bank
- Increased active game area border line weight from 1 to 2 pixels in radar.
- Adjusted color-correction settings.
- Fixed stretching polygons on the door frame at Gas Station.
- Fixed the door model at Market.
- Nuke
- Adjusted spawn and buy zone graphic indicators on radar image.
- Baggage
- Readjusted color-correction settings.
- Lake
- Increased active game area border line weight from 1 to 2 pixels in radar.
- Adjusted color correction settings.
- Sugarcane
- Updated color-correction settings.
- Office
- Adjusted buy and spawn zone graphics for CT's and T's.
- Adjusted color correction settings.
- Fixed a bug where the slideshow projection would sometimes show up on the wall behind the projector wall.

- Dsp removed from all third person footsteps and gunshots to increase directionality. In turn removed audio quality option which was mainly responsible for determining dsp level.
- Moved the distance at which weapon shots cross fade to their "distant" version further away from the player to aid in identification of weapons being used during the round.
- Third person weapon shot volume raised to aid in the identification of weapons being used during the round.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix for getting the golden knife too early in Arms Race.
- Fix for incorrectly retaining the gold knife on respawn after a suicide, team change, or killed by enemy knife.
- Regenerate the recoil tables at game mode/type start; this allows the tables to incorporate parameters from loaded convars.
- We now remove the golden knife from the player if they had it and lost a level in Arms Race.
- Fixed a bug with the HUD where the round timer stops with 0:01 left if the round ends by timeout.
- Fix for knife spawning in on the ground with you if you end the round without your secondary weapon (pistol).
- Fix for single hostage shooting penalty getting counted multiple times.
- Spectators are no longer allowed to vote.
- Fixed view model hitching after a full network update.
- Fixed a crash pertaining to death notifications.
- Fixed an assert that would happen every time a player opened a prop_dynamic door.
- Fixed potential crash in FAMAS and Glock when firing remaining burst shots when the PlayerOwner owner no longer exists.
- Fixed flash bangs showing through doors.
- Fix for losing mouse focus when directly connecting to a server.
- Fix for crash when running a dedicated server under specific linux versions/distrubutions.
- Fix for instances of "Round draw" voice over playing between matches.
- Fixed some ducking pops that would happen when toggling duck during ducking / unducking.

- First round of mostly PC specific CSM optimizations that improve perf. on all CSM quality levels:
- Optimized the core CSM shader to use fewer ALU instructions (VERY_LOW/LOW=21% faster, MEDIUM quality level=10% faster, HIGH=8% faster).
- Coaxed the HLSL compiler to [flatten] several important conditionals it was sometimes issuing dynamic jumps for.
- The VERY_LOW and LOW quality levels use a single 3D radial lerp vs. the previous 2D+3D lerp
- VERY_LOW/LOW only use 2 world cascades vs. the previous 3. At VERY_LOW/LOW quality levels only vertexlit and phong where actually using the closest cascade (for better character self shadowing), so world shadow quality is mostly unaffected by this change.
- Also adding a bunch of CSM culling statistics (displayed at the bottom of the screen when cl_csm_debug_2d is 1).
- dust2 timedemo avg. FPS results on a NV 6800/Core2 2.4 GHz at VERY_LOW improved by 13% (higher quality settings also see an improvement).