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silEnT mod 0.6.1 released

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silEnT 0.6.1 Release

As promised, we release new version shortly after the previous one. This is mainly a fix release, for details read below please.

Change log:

Added: New optional parameter "syntax" to custom command blocks. This allows creating proper syntax help to show with !help command.
Added: Shrubot custom commands can now have color codes. The colors are not required when using the commands.
Changed: The maximum number of custom commands increased to 95.
Fixed: Double amount of level stars in the map change debriefing.
Fixed: Many coloring errors related to white nicks.
Fixed: Server side was not handling the new skill_(x) cvars correctly.
Fixed: Killed sniper had scope enabled with normal fov after revive. Depending how the sniper was killed.
Fixed: !baninfo was not displaying permanent bans in Expires in field.
Fixed: Stamina bar color bug.
Fixed: Lua documentation. The G_ClientNumberFromString is actually ClientNumberFromString.
Fixed: Some typos with shrubbot commands and inconsistencies with !help.
Fixed: Shrubbot !help now accepts the command names with ! infront.
Fixed: Unified !help syntax notation.
Fixed: Player names that were both online and previously stored, were printed twice in the !aliassearch command output.
Fixed: Formatting bug when more the 10 matching aliases for a player.
Fixed: With custom commands, the missing command line parameters are stripped from the command.
Fixed: Player name replacement gives better error messages for every case, including the command name.
Fixed: Teammate healthbars were flashing wrong health data. Introduced in 0.6.0.
Fixed: Player idents were enforcing bans to innocent players. Introduced in 0.6.0.



silEnT mod team


Looks good! Thanks guys!
Thank you for your work!
Brilliant fixes here.. Nice and quick work guys!
thank you!
Thanks for the fixes our server is updated.
Great work! Thanks
We are glad you all like it :) Thank you for your support!
Thanks works great :) and i have no craches anymore :P
Important bug information to all who are using 0.6.0 or 0.6.1 versions of silEnT!

If you use rcon to mute, it will crash the server. This bug is fixed in the next version.
Thanks for the information! Good suport! :P