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silEnT release 0.5.2

silent et gaming pc enemy territory

The 0.5.2 version of silEnT mod is out!

This version introduces changes made server side as well as client side.
Again plenty of the changes we did we did in an effort to meet admins' expectations but there are also some enhancements for the players experience.
Some important fixes are also there. Just go and check the changelog below.


Added: g_playerCounting server cvar. This is used with optional player blocks.
Added: Optional [player] blocks to the map configs. Map config commands can be executed based on the player amount on the server.
Added: g_clientBinaries server cvar. Server admins may choose to refuse players with unknown binaries. List of known binaries in the documentation.
Added: tripmines ids, check g_mineid cvar for details. Now tripmines get ids as well, so we can see who planted them.
Added: all game types shown in server browser (Map Voting - MV, Team Death Match - TDM). Filters handling new types as well.
Added: restriction to g_skills 1, non covert players can spot mines for the team only if they are close enough (http://mygamingtalk....lose-landmines/)
Added: ammo of the weapon is shown for the weapon we want to pickup from the ground (http://mygamingtalk....-be-identified/). Set server side with g_weapons cvar (flag 8192)
Added: stance indicator (can be enabled in the HUD editor, disabled by default)
Added: themed HUD bars (health, stamina, weap recharge). cg_themedBars cvar to turn it on/off. Avalable also in silent THEMES menu.
Added: multiple recipient private messages command and multiple selecting for Private Messages in PM list window (http://mygamingtalk....-recipients-pm/)
Added: Possibility for new announcement sounds for death sprees and spree ends.
Added: New shrubbot command !updatepbguid which can be used to manually update the stored PB GUID to the current one of the player.
Added: New shrubbot command !levlist which lists all the server admin levels.
Added: New shrubbot command !levinfo which displays all the information about the admin level.
Improvement: Possible FPS improvement for players that have low FPS performance.
Fixed: Potential crash bug with subnet bans.
Fixed: The Admin Level Protection was not giving authentication with !setlevel to the lowest protected level.
Fixed: stamina changes not visible in spec (http://mygamingtalk....hen-spectating/)
Fixed: !finger command now shows the current PB GUID. This was supposed to be changed in 0.5.1 but was not. The !finger command is now properly verbose about PB GUID differences and displays the player admin level as well. Also, the command no longer displays non relevant information of the server bots but only the name, the slot number and the admin level of the bot.
Fixed: Ban escalation printed garbage short GUIDs in the ban messages itself (8 character GUID) when the previous ban did not have PB GUID associated with it.
Fixed: Added N!trox's teamchat height fix during intermission.
Fixed: HUD editor help window position and themed it.
Fixed: Player positions were sometimes wrong in the command map.
Fixed: Aspect ratio issues with command map entities.
Fixed: Boosting (pushing) team players by shooting at them when FF is off.
Fixed: silEnT GUIDs were not always recognzed correctly. Bug was introduced in the 0.5.1.
Fixed: ETPro behaviour, et_ClientBegin Lua is called only once for player and not for every team change.
Fixed: !baninfo command was displaying bad short GUIDs for bans without GUIDs.
Fixed: When FF was not enabled, the disguised friendly covert op health was displayed incorrectly.
Fixed: team_maxSoldiers restriction was not enforced.
Changed: The default value of cg_gun_fovscale changed to "0". No longer the need for admins to force it to players.



silEnT mod team