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silEnT release 0.7.2

silent enemy territory mod pc gaming game

silEnT mod version 0.7.2 is out!


Change log:

Version 0.7.2

Added: Lua can access sess.rating, sess.rating_variance, sess.overall_killrating and sess.overall_killvariance with gentity_get function. These values are read only.
Fixed: Tapping new weapon while reloading the old weapon, could result changing to a new weapon after reloading but when switching back, the old weapon was empty (http://mygamingtalk....-184-reload-bug)
Fixed: Class restriction bug introduced in 0.7.0.
Fixed: Limbo panel displays the latched class. Always. Introduced in 0.7.1.
Fixed: !givexp performs proper skill upgrade for the player.
Fixed: panzerwar mode: shooting panzerfaust (in regard to chargebar) and run speed.
Fixed: Omni-bots stealing restricted weapons from other players.



silEnT mod team



Agree, they are the best development team.