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Super Monday Night Combat Updated

Super Monday Night Combat Rule Changes: 4 (v35641)

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Cheston, Karl, Megabeth, Leo, Veteran.
It's the Rule Changes 4 mark and it's going to hit the fan!
We got a big one for you this week. We're introducing our Training Camp! That's right, a whole map dedicated to exploring all the different aspects of Super Monday Night Combat. This includes checking out any of the Pros, even ones you don't own and are not currently free. No queuing, no waiting, you just jump in and try stuff out!
As always, feel free to leave us feedback at www.uberent.com/forums! If you have issues please email support@uberent.com.
The current version is: 35641. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.
New Rules
- Added Training Camp mode. Training Camp is found through the "Play" menu. You will just be placed in a server where you can try out all the gameplay elements of Super Monday Night Combat.
- Added dialog in Custom Games to prevent players from breaking their lobbies after hitting Start Game.
- Pros you cannot use are now shown grayed out in the Character Picker.
- Increased mouse sensitivity slider range.
- GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Character Specific call outs added.
- GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Streak VO changes.
- GG Stack & Chip Valvano: More Commercial VO added.
- Added blue-yellow nameplate option for those who have troubles seeing red-green.
- Locker Room customize menu redesigned for clarity and grouping customize slots under their associated Pros.
- Improved wording on Play menu buttons.
- Updated MP landing menu: separated out Super Crossfire options from Training options.
- First Blood, Multikills, Kill Streaks, now send a message to everyone.
- Annihilator Ready message now sent to everyone.
- Respawn times now increase after the 30 minute mark.
- Increased Post-Game Prize drop rate of Uniform parts.
- Updated resolution options adding 1366x768 and 1360x768.
- Improved descriptions for Pros.
- Improved the camera while dead. Especially when the taunter dies while they are taunting you.
- Juice Boxes now give 1/5 of the juice back rather than 1/4.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed store taunts not updating correctly.
- Fixed uniforms in the "Featured Items" area not being displayed correctly when first selected.
- Fixed reselecting a Pro in the store not displaying the Pro's details in the bottom pane.
- Fixed accepting an invite not always cancelling previous Match Making attempts.
- Fixed light shaft on item pick ups sometimes lingering.
- Fixed Play button being on some screens where it wasn't needed.
- Fixed some older Uniforms not previewing properly in the inventory screen.
- Fixed Chickey's egg effect from not always playing.
- Fixed rare issue with both Moneyballs being destroyed at the exact same time.
- New Bundle: Triple Threat: Commando Style - On sale for the first week!
- New Bundle: Action Heroes
- All Magnet: Range 768 -> 640
- Massive Air: Minimum level 6 -> 1
- Massive Air: Air Control: 1 -> 0.8
Downtown Spunky Arena
- Continued art improvements.
- Moved Fuji and Scrambler bot spawn buttons location closer to the player spawner.
- Modified bot spawner collision to prevent Spark from getting stuck inside.
- Fixed some collision issues on the Icemen's side.
- Fuji Bots: Now, once again, drops 2 juice boxes instead of 1 juice and 1 churro.
- Fuji Bots: Now drop an additional armor pick up.
- Jackbot XL: Projectiles now do knockback and turn off Assault's Fly.
- Jackbot XL: Speed 350 -> 400
- Black Jacks: No longer appear as turrets in the overhead camera.
- Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Only spawn once 60 seconds instead of once every 40 seconds.
- Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now swap lanes every 5 minutes.
- Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now additionally spawn on the opposite lane when the Moneyball is down.
- Fuji Bots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now spawn more Fujis in between Jackbot spawns.
- Smoke Bomb: Bot Stun Duration: 4 -> 3
- Leap: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to jump velocity.
- Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
- Assault Bomb: Headcrab bonus 250 -> 50
Captain Spark
- New Uniform: Captain Buzz
- New Uniform: Captain Sparkle
- New Weapon: Sparkle Voltage Spike
- Arc Flash: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to Arc Flash distance.
- Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Now only gains charges from Voltage Spike hits.
- Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Damage: 50 -> 45
- Voltage Spike: Fixed selecting a Pro other than Captain Spark, then switching to Captain Spark breaking his Voltage Spike alt-fire skill.
- Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
- Bananas Monihan: Fixed typo in the description.
- Taunts: You may now choose a taunt for Dual Miniguns separate from the Minigun.
- Deploy: Armor Pulse Time: 1 -> 0.75
- Mr. Destructoid: Fixed a typo in his description.
- Short Circuit: Projectile Speed: 1000/2000/2500/3072 -> 3072/3072/3072/3072
- New Taunt: I Invented That Kick
- Mona Laser: Range: Full Damage/Min Damage 1536/2560 -> 2560/3072
- Venice Defense: Recall button now becomes active only after Venice Defense is fully deployed and teleport button charges.
- Venice Defense: Recall can no longer be used after Venice Defense is destroyed.
- Shoot the Moon: Cooldown: 40/27/20/15 -> 20/14/10/7.5
- Shoot the Moon: No longer starts cooldown until skill finishes.
- Shoot the Moon: Jump Velocity: 1024 -> 1300
- Trap: Upgrade level 4 no longer locks out skills for its victims.
- Trap: Max: 1/1/2/2 -> 1/1/1/2
- Trap: Freeze & Slow Duration: 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5 -> 1/1/1.5/1.5
- Trap: No longer able to be destroyed by friendly damage.
- Trap: Fixed sometimes being partially embedded in the ground.
- Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
- Healing: money 0.1 -> 0.05
- Air Strike: Now does bonus damage when attached to players (Ground Zero), even under cover: 50
- Alt Fire Slam: Slow Duration 3 -> 1.5
- Alt Fire Slam: Fixed slam not affecting Jackbots
- Ka-Klaw: Targets can now use air control when grabbed, allowing them to 'struggle' against it. Air control for the target is reduced as the Ka-Klaw is upgraded.
- Coin Launcher: Coins now damage himself.
- Coin Launcher: Coins are now team colored only for allied players.
- Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
- Shifty Shuffle: Now ends upon a successful counter-grapple.