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Changes in Lua Enhanced Server Mod 2.7.5c

Version 2.7.5c
  • Updated connect message config option to show name or username
  • Updated blacklist system
  • Updated regularuser system
  • Updated ignore system to allow sound ignores and permanent ignoring
  • Updated the filesystem stuff to be a little more flexible
  • Updated Sound system to work with ignore system
  • Updated time related config options to except formats like: 5d
  • Added lua side warn system
  • Added automatic warning options
  • Added admin mail events
  • Added many keys to user profile to decide where stuff is printed if at all
  • Added message filter keys to user profile
  • Added Log.OneFile,Colors,Full Config options
  • Added ShrubCommandFix Config option
  • Added Message.ColorReplace,NameMentions,EventMentions
  • Added Profile.AutoCreate,MaxIp,MaxGuid
  • Added Rename table instead of RenameETPlayer
  • Added MinNameLength
  • Added rank to salute and welcome
  • Added seen command
  • Added cvar command
  • Added experimental zelrating command (silent mod only)
  • Added ability to block/convert to chat commands that output global chat/sound
  • Added metricdistance key for profile
  • Fixed showing shrubbot commands in help
  • Removed columns key in favor of automatic cvar get (silent mod only)
  • And probably some more stuff...