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!readadmins and duplicated records

Posted by gaoesa on 09 July 2012 - 04:43 PM

The !readadmins command has a bug which results it creating duplicated records for players who have never visited the server and if the admin block in he admins.cfg contains PB GUID. Furthermore, these records are not linkable to players connecting to the server. However, in the case of the player having been connected to the server before using the !readadmins command, the record is correctly found and edited. Also, as mentioned the command works correctly if only the sguid field is used in the [admin] block.

This bug effects all the versions after the silEnT GUID was introduced into the mod up to the patched version 0.5.2.

Bug is fixed in the next versions.

The readadmins command is completely broken in the versions 0.5.1 and 0.5.2. The version 0.5.0 worked as described above. Sorry about this.

One more update. The command is completely broken in 0.5.1 and in 0.5.2 for the last admin block in the file. Other blocks before it works as described in the first post.

Nevertheless, this is fully fixed in the next version.

changed status to: Fixed

*Psssssst* 'fixed in' version is not set :P

Glad to see the issue is resolved.

changed fixed-in version to: 0.6.0

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