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  • #000020

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  • 0.2.0

  • 0.2.1

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Posted by gaoesa on 22 November 2010 - 08:24 PM

Knifes can be thrown underwater.

Powerful arms with ninja technique to throw knifes under water? :)

I am going to abuse it. I wish we could keep it the way it is :)

Hey, it's not funny :) Do we treat this as defect or not? Throwing nades is allowed underwater as far as I remember.

Both are bugs. Unless the water resistance is taken into account. Practically just dropping the knifes and grenades. Probably better disallow both. Never knew one can throw grenades underwater.

Updating status to: Fixed
Issue fixed in: 0.2.1

OK, fixed. I disabled also nades throwing when underwater.

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