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  • 0.8.1

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Cant Switch to primary when having two SMGs

Posted by Zelly on 09 December 2013 - 07:54 AM

If I were to be axis soldier(Level 4) and select Thompson as my Primary And MP40 as my secondary (In limbomenu)

Then when I spawn switch to my secondary by pressing "2" aka "weaponbank 2"

I can then no longer switch back to my primary by pressing "3" aka "weaponbank 3"

I can however switch to it if i use MWHEELUP aka "weapnext"

If its also important when I spawn with my primary (Thompson) if I scroll down it goes to knife if I scroll up it goes to MP40 (My Secondary)

Confirmed bug.

When cg_panzerhack is 1, player is axis soldier and primary is Thompson and secondary is MP-40.

Selecting weaponbank 2 will switch to MP-40.
Selecting weaponbank 3 will not swtch to Thompson.
Mousewheel up from MP-40 to Thompson works.

However, the weapon icon (left side menu) for Thompson is missing.

Same as before, except the cg_panzerHack is 0.

Works as expected. Including the Thompson weapon icon in weaponback 2.

changed status to: Confirmed - Client Side

Same as before, except the cg_panzerHack is 0.

Works as expected. Including the Thompson weapon icon in weaponback 2.

It is different for me, Thompson and MP40 are both in bank 3, the same is drawn in weapon banks.

Indeed, they should be in bank 3. Bank 2 was a mistake from my part.

There is also another bug. With 2 thompsons chosen in the limbo menu there is colt displayed in weapon bank 2 instead of thompson and it is used actually.

This bug is in very messy part of the code. If the player has both sidearm and primary as a Thompson he should probably have empty sidearm bank.


The problem for fixing this and other similar issues we have had is that the cg_sidearm hack is altering the original way to handle weapons and that the sidearm and primary are not really defined to be separate. The weapons are selected and then assigned when spawning but that is where the knownledge about their use ends. I.e. all weapons player has are just ammo in a single array. The weapon banks are just arrays of possible weapons for that bank written in stone. I hope this clarifies why this issue is so problematic.

changed fixed-in version to: 0.8.2
changed status to: Fixed

Fixed this, but drawing of the weapon banks need separate fix still.


This is fixed too.

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