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Possible bug: g_muteRename bug, mute, rename

Posted by Jhonny/Shinobi on 11 January 2014 - 09:32 PM

There seems to be a possible bug with the CVAR g_muteRename.
One of our members reported that a player renamed himself while he was muted. The server on which this happend had g_muteRename 1 and the latest silent 0.8.1.
I tried to replicate it and failed, until this member said something brilliant. The player disconnected and reconnected and then changed his name while still being muted . Here is how it works and it is reproducible:

1) !mute playerX 10m insulting

2) PlayerX opens console and types: /name Lame_admin and hits enter. He gets the message that he can't change his name while he is muted.

3)Player opens console again and types: /reconnect . He then reconnects with the server and the server changes his name to Lame_admin and he is still muted.

Have tried this several times and it works without any problem.

changed status to: Confirmed - Server Side

changed fixed-in version to: 0.8.2
changed status to: Fixed

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