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g_classWeapons not fully working

Posted by Zelly on 31 January 2014 - 10:58 PM

When having g_classWeapons set to 0 (also tested with 48) I am still able to spawn with PPSH and the other team's smg.

The ppsh and the smg do not show up in limbo as is expected.

However if you use /class e 4 you will be able to spawn as engineer with ppsh.
You can also do this with the smg. ( /class e 2 )


I have blocked this pretty easily with lua, But I figured I would report this.


I'm unable to reproduce.


The class command itself does not do extensive checking. It does some but not all. However, each time the player is spawned, it's class and weapon is checked and corrected if necessary. I couldn't reproduce neither issue with engineer, using g_classweapons 0 and hand issuing console commands from "/class e 0" to "/class e 5".

changed status to: Cannot Reproduce

Sorry for late reply, Havent got a chance to test further until now.
I think it only happends when g_mode "8" is set.
(pick up any weapon)
Makes a little more sense.

changed status to: Confirmed - Ongoing Research

I confirmed it, indeed it's possible with the g_mode 8.

changed status to: Confirmed - Server Side

changed status to: Fixed
changed fixed-in version to: 0.8.2

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