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In Topic: Hi.

09 August 2020 - 03:05 PM

Hello, welcome to the forum. Hopefully we will see useful content from you :)

In Topic: The Witcher 2: Assassing of Kings

09 August 2020 - 02:54 PM

The Witcher surely has been a huge success for CD Projekt Red but I am expecting the upcoming release "Cyberpunk 2077" to surpass its success. The game is set to release in November this year and there are huge expectations from everybody related to this game. I am also one of the millions of people out there who are really looking forward to play this upcoming RPG. The game hasn't been released yet but there is a lot of content available on the internet about the game and mostly there are good things to see/read about it. One great source to get information about Cyperpunk 2077 is psychosquad.com which offers latest updates and useful guides about the game.

In Topic: Mobile or PC gaming?

18 July 2020 - 12:15 PM

The number of mobile phone gamers in increasing all the time but I prefer to playing games on PC. I don't think you can enjoy the game to its full potential on mobile. Your mobile not gonna produce the same results in terms of graphics and you certainly not gonna play games on your mobile for several hours. There are some games which you can play on mobile like Pokemon Go and Clash Royale but if you wanna play games like GTA or Red Dead Dedemption then you should definitely play such games on PC to enjoy their great graphics and features.