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PC Gaming Clan - BB

19 October 2017 - 08:26 PM

Hello all,


I've started up a small community/clan called BB and the tags are BB or bb. We have a Discord set up, about 6-8 members and plenty of other visitors that come and go sometimes. We are based in North America but we aren't opposed to other regions joining us (we already have a UK member).
We're not hyper competitive and we don't require you to play a certain game or at certain times. We are looking for other people who are just down to game and hang out with us.

Currently we've been playing Dead by Daylight and PUBG a lot. But we do play other games and are always open to play other games, old or new.

Feel free to drop by our Discord, hit me up on Discord, or shoot me an email.

Email me at squadcar2525@gmail.com