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silEnT release 0.5.1


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New version of silEnT mod 0.5.1 is available.




Main things in this version, briefly:


New !hstats command which will display the hitregions players are hitting.

New flag (512) for g_medics cvar, which makes adrenaline take only half charge.

Admins are given the possibility to control the damage reduction when players under the effect of adrenaline are hit. Check g_adrendmgreduction cvar.

Want smaller body hitboxes? No problem, just use g_realbody cvar.

Long-awaited landmine bahaviour: only the engineer that planted the landmine can trigger/defuse it. New flag (12) to g_friendlyFireOpts cvar added for this purpose.

Themed time, fps, timer, speedometer, K/D/S display and lagometer.

We also made Lua interpreter built into the server binary. This should make installing easier.


What else? Bug fixes and some reworks. Just check the change log below:


Added: !hstats, command will display the hitregions players are hitting.

Added: g_medics flag 512, adrenaline takes only half charge.

Added: g_adrendmgreduction, admins can control the damage reduction when players under the effect of adrenaline are hit.

Added: themed Draws (time, fps, timer, speedometer), K/D/S display and lagometer. New cvar for this: cg_themedDraws {0,1}: 0-use the old style, 1- themed style

Added: new flag to g_friendlyFireOpts: 32. Only the engineer that planted the landmine can trigger/defuse it.

Added: g_realbody, possibility for server admins to set up smaller body hitboxes

Fixed: !userlist command was not working if noone was online on the server.

Fixed: In certain cases same player was displayed multiple times on the userlist output.

Fixed: SP_team_WOLF_objective: exceeded MAX_MULTI_SPAWNTARGETS (16), fix from flms of ETPub

Fixed: !showbans didn't always display bans properly when the banned player didn't have PB GUID. Also, silEnT ID is now included in the list.

Fixed: Warmup was not dislayed to players before the warmup countdown started.

Fixed: Proned players moving when others were standing on their backs.

Fixed: vid_restart crash

Fixed: Temp Ban System didn't handle silEnT GUIDs

Fixed: Passed nextmap vote will now correctly go into intermission when map voting is enabled.

Fixed: maps not listed in the vote menu when game type is mapvoting or TDM

Fixed: not themed fireteam menus

Fixed: additional space behind location in fireteam window

Reworked: The K/D in the scores is renamed to KR to reduce confusion about it.

Reworked: The !finger output prints the current PB GUID of the player. Not the one that is stored in the database.

Reworked: The silEnT GUID handling is changed a little. This prevents certain types of copy paste spoofings. Note, players that are not stored to the database with valid PB GUIDs will create new player records. Also, from the old ban lists, at least the silEnT GUID (sguid) fields must be cleared to prevent false bans.

Reworked: Lua interpreter is now built into the server binary. This will make installing easier.

Removed: g_realHead realistic hitboxes from ETPub/zinx are now used always

Removed: g_mapVoteFlags no longer has flag 16. If admin needs a command to get next map in rotation when map voting is enabled, he can easily create one executing "vstr nextmap".

Removed: g_spoofOptions, the spoofing is now checked unconditionally.

Removed: g_punkbuster, the PunkBuster is no longer supported by EvenBalance and this cvar is no longer needed.






silEnT mod team


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Important thing to notice


In order to prevent certain type of copy paste GUID spoofing, we changed the silEnT GUID a little, which means that old guids are not compatible with it. To avoid any problems, you should clear the sguid fields from your ban lists by hand. The silEnT mod database can handle the transition itself. The commands !userinfo, !userlist and !usersearch will display the old version GUID as red and you can keep looking at the players who have visited your server. If the player had also PB GUID, the records will relink to that player when he joins the server again. Unfortunately, the players only with silEnT GUIDs will not be able to use the old records. Once you are ready, you can use the dboptimize rcon command to clean the database from the unlinkable records. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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