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Lua Enhanced Server Module

Lua Enhanced Server Module or LuaESMod or LESM for short, is a server side mod written in lua which aims to provide many features for server admins and their players. It can be used with various mods that support lua 5.1 and up.

It is still very much in development to make all of the features work in a way that can be easily setup for everyone using it. There are still plenty of ideas I have yet to add.

Some features include:

  • Entity Manager to block objectives for a certain timelimit or other various tasks
  • Dyno Counter
  • User profile to save stats and other keys
    • Ability to customize where messages are printed (If at all)
    • Ability to ignore players permanently
      • Also ability to ignore lua sounds from a user (While still seeing his/her chat)
  • Lua Sounds
    • Played on certain events such as a confirmed kill
    • Playsound command to remove hassle of creating a sound pack with menus
  • Ingame Mail System
  • Message formatting
    • Admins can block users from using caps lock, as well as replace some commonly misspelled words
    • Use @playername to get player full name with colors
  • And plenty of more features, see features page to see full list