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CVAR explanations

CVAR is the actual console variable

  • b = bani for etpro cvars
  • cf = game stats
  • cg = client game
  • cl = client engine
  • com = common
  • con = console
  • demo = demo view
  • m = mouse
  • net = netcode
  • r = renderer
  • s = sound
  • ui = user interface and browser
  • vid = video positioning
  • vm = virtual machine

cf_wstats 1.2 specifies the font scale of the +wstats window
cf_wtopshots 1.0 specifies the font scale of the +wtopshots window
cg_announcer 1 toggles the announcer voice on map start ("FIGHT!"), win (Allies win!) etc
cg_atmosphericEffects 1 toggles display of map effects like rain and snow
cg_autoAction 0 bitmask value that gives a variety of functions to always perform, 1 = demos, 2 = screenshot, 4 = stats, 8 = stopwatch only
cg_autoActivate 1 toggles automatically picking up items (paks, weapons etc)
cg_autoReload 1 toggles automatically reloading weapon when clip becomes empty
cg_autoSwitch 0 toggles automatically changing weapon when current one is out of ammo
cg_blinktime 0 duration of "blink" blackout when taking damage in milliseconds
cg_bloodDamageBlend 1.0 amount of blood flashed on screen when you take damage
cg_bloodFlash 1.0 toggles the blood effect when you are shot
cg_bloodTime 120 duration of blood puddle effect on walls/floor etc
cg_bobpitch 0.002 sets extent of the bob pitch (forwards/backwards) effect when moving
cg_bobroll 0.002 sets extent of the bob roll (left/right) effect when moving
cg_bobup 0.005 sets extent of the vertical "bob" effect when moving
cg_bobyaw 0.002 sets extent of the "bob" yaw (turn left/right) effect when moving
cg_brassTime 2500 sets the duration ejected bullet shells etc last for
cg_cameraOrbitDelay 50 associated with camera spinning around when you're dead
cg_complaintPopUp 1 toggles wether to show the popup about filing complaints after a teamkill
cg_coronafardist 1536 either the size or cull distance of corona effect
cg_coronas 1 toggles the corona effect around lights
cg_crosshairAlpha 1.0 sets the transparency of the crosshair
cg_crosshairAlphaAlt 1.0 sets the transparency of the secondary crosshair
cg_crosshairColor white sets the colour of the crosshair
cg_crosshairColorAlt white sets the colour of the secondary crosshair, usually the surrounding part
cg_crosshairHealth 0 toggles crosshair changing colour to indicate your health
cg_crosshairPulse 1 toggles the crosshair changing size according to bullet spread
cg_crosshairSize 48 size/scale of the crosshair
cg_crosshairX 0 move crosshair on x axis (left/right)
cg_crosshairY 0 move crosshair on y axis (up/down)
cg_cursorHints 1 alpha pulse, 4 = solid
cg_cycleAllWeaps 1 include non-weapon items when scrolling with weapnext (mousewheel)
cg_deferPlayers 1 toggle only loading models at convenient times
cg_descriptiveText 1 toggles the display of "you killed xxxx"
cg_draw2D 1 toggles all 2D items on the HUD display
cg_drawBuddies 1 toggle showing the icon above players in your fireteam
cg_drawCompass 1 toggles displaying the compass on the HUD
cg_drawCrosshair 1 sets which crosshair to use
cg_drawCrosshairNames 1 whether to draw the names of players when crosshair is on them
cg_drawCrosshairPickups 1 toggles a hand icon when crosshair is over items you can pick up
cg_drawFireteamOverlay 1 toggles the Fireteam overlay on the HUD