LESM Getting Started

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First and foremost is you should be able to use the help command.
/lhelp Will display how all your available commands (Which can vary depending on your level and permissions)
/lhelp register Will display help for the register command
All commands have a decent explanation on what they are used for. So use lhelp before you use a command, to be sure you are using it correctly.
You can also get the same help info by typing: /register help

Creating a Profile

First thing you will need to do is create a profile you will need to use the register command with a username and a password.
/register <username> <password> /register Zelly secretpassword Note: Please choose a unique password you have never used before.


You can view online users with /view or /view online
View a list of everyone registered with /view all
You can also view a specific user by typing /view username


Client specific features are usually toggled with the edit command.
Type /edit to view a list of keys you can edit.
Type /edit key to toggle a boolean key on or off.
Type /edit key value for string and number keys.
There are location keys that you can control where stuff is printed to you (If at all) the valid locations for those are: print,printclean (Only you console), chat,chatclean (The chat area),echo,echoclean (The obituary area) , CenterPrint , centerprintclean ( Right above your chat area ), banner , bannerclean (The top of the screen), server(Uses server defined default) , none (Disables this specific print)
The "clean" version is the one that is not formatted(defined by the server) it will still have color codes.
Example of formatted version: >> This is a message <<
Example of non-formatted version: This is a message


By default your account will automatically login to your guid,silentid, and ip. Whenever found. If you have people on your network/computer you may not want this behavior.
Perhaps you only want to login when you connect with your silentid.
You would type /autologin guid and /autologin ip to reset your autologinip and autologinguid. To set them to your current ip/guid just type that again.(Use /autologin silent for silentid)
You may disable autologin altogether with /autologin then you can only access your profile if you manually login with the login command.


To login it is same as register /login username password
/login Zelly secretpassword

To logout you can do just /logout

Authorized Profile

To make someone an authorized user you can do use the update command. If it is the first authorized user you will need to do it via rcon(requires lua first argument): lua update testuser authorize true TestUser will now have access to multiple new commands. He can also now update other users to authorize as well with same syntax ingame.