Silent Banners

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Servers can be configured to show banners to players. The banners are defined in a separate configuration file. You can enable banners by setting g_banners to point to that file. The maximum amount of banners is 32 and the maximum length of an individual banner is 255 characters.


set g_banners "banners.cfg"

The file consists of [banner] blocks (similar to shrubbot). A [banner] block adds a banner to the server banner queue.

A [banner] block has the following fields:

message    = ^1Check out our banner!
wait       = 30
position   = bp

The "message" is the actual message that is displayed to all the players on the server. The "wait" field determines when the next banner will be displayed. Setting this to 30 means the next banner will show up 30 seconds after this banner. Setting the wait to 0 means the next banner will be displayed at the same moment as this one. This in combination with the "position" field that determines the position of the banner, allows the same text to be displayed at one time at multiple positions. The position field can use following values: chat, cpm (popup), cp (center), bp (banner) or print (console).


In versions prior to 0.4.0, the g_banners is named as g_settings. The cvar name was changed in the 0.4.0 version because the file no longer contained anything else but banner blocks.