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Warlock - Master of the Arcane Update Released

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Getting Better
Patch Notes 1.2

Multiplayer and Diplomacy
Players can now play Multiplayer games! (Steam is required).
New Diplomacy system in Multiplayer and Single play: Now when a player sends a proposal to rival Mage it will be delivered on the beginning of his/her turn. You will receive an answer on your subsequent turn. The Diplomacy Screen was modified accordingly. Also a player will never know for sure if hisher proposal would or would not be accepted - there will be seen only a prediction of it before the message is sent.
Changed diplomacy effect of relations with gods
Behavior of AI Mages improved with personalities and new factors

"Lords and Artifacts"
Mighty Lords come to your service! They can learn faster than normal units and receive many powerful abilities as they progress through level-ups. You can hire these heroes as they come occasionally searching for job, find them in monster layers or even receive them as quest reward.
Lords can use powerful Artifacts which could be found in monster dens, received as quests rewards, gained and lost during battles, bought from Trader of Artifacts or smelted to mana.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
A player may turn on/off Victory Conditions on the Game Start.
Player can now destroy his buildings from city interface
Mages, Veterans and Halberdies got new skills. Mages can learn to cast fireballs and Veterans now have ZoneOfControl perk.
New actions for Galleons units of humans and mosters
Implemented a News message when you successfully research a new spell.
Implemented a News message when any of the Great Mages controls a certain percentage of Holy Grounds.
The Unity Spell cannot be counterspelled anymore, but its casting time was made longer. Also starting to cast a Unity spell worsens relations with all Great Mages.
A Message "A Great Mage is Defeated" now looks better.
AI now uses Dispels smarter and more aggressively.
Teleportation spells casting interface logic is more intuitive:
now you can select a spell, then a target unit, and then a hex to move.
Fixed an issue: an enchantment cast on a unit in transport ship is now shown properly on unit when it disembarks.
Game loading has become faster.
Great Mages now think 10-15% faster.
Settlers do not receive experience points any more.
Fixed an issue when a player could remove a "self-destruct" perk from units summoned by other units.
Fixed a crash on clicking on a News message about a new unit if the city was destroyed.
Fixed an issue with the unit's experience when a unit is upgraded twice the same turn.
Fixed an issue with game camera position at the game start.
Fixed an issue when unit movement points and "cooldown" timers could be higher than their current maximum.
Fixed some issues with duplicating perks.
Fixed a rare crash when a player disbands his unit.
Fixed bug with flying units teleportation on water hexes

Known issues
Sometimes you cannot enter text - fixes with restarting game from menu
Disconnect not always works well

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