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  2. I tried this option, but unfortunately it didn't work. Probably because I don't have the complete map files (I guess) only .bsp and .script.
  3. Hi, Why do you use Pubj ? Do you know developers of Pubj ? Do they have a web page ? How can I download it ? Where is the source code ?
  4. I think it's impossible to directly load a .bsp file. But you can easily make .pk3 from it. Create a new maps folder, move .bsp and .script files into the folder, compress the maps folder to ZIP, rename ZIP to PK3, then move PK3 to Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main.
  5. Hi! I'll try to summarize: the RtCW Multiplayer developers gave me 2 engines one is rtcwPub and the other is rtcwPubj. The Pub is the player only engine and the Pubj is the same with bots support. I use both, but my questions here are only for the Pubj engine. I had a dream come true when we installed them, but I encountered some problems I have always been a RtCW 1.0 player, sometimes I use 1.4. The observation is that the W@R server runs under windows, and on it runs a very old omnibot 0.83 (I think). Playing on the server I am happy to see that the bots use the MG42 cannons, which ours which is 0.85 omnibot refuse to do so. A long time ago (at least 10 years ago) on another bot server I saw that they not only use the cannons but also repair them! I rent a VPS server and use ubuntu linux 18.4, that's what I run the Pub and Pubj servers on. The latter is 0.85 with omnibots shared. You wrote to tell me the map name: none of the maps work with this feature! I will share some links, maybe they can give some information: rtcwPub: https://github.com/nobowned/rtcwPub | https://github.com/natelo/rtcwPub rtcw servers list: Eastcoast Gaming Network (ecgnetwork.co) Is this enough information to start with?
  6. Thanks for the advice. I will finish this map later. I have some important questions. From the beginning, I don't know how to load .bsp files into the RtCW 1.4 client? I am building a new server, the test version is already available. The point is, I am transferring Single Player maps to MultiPlayer and I have a map (Baseout) with .bsp, .script .way file available for me. The map works, but the bug is that after the Axis spawn, the bots run in the wrong direction, leaving the obj virtually unguarded, so the Allies can win in 40 seconds. I should edit it to make them run in the right direction or to protect the obj, but I can't load the map edit. I can only load .pk3 files. So: how to load bsp files into RtCW 1.4 client?
  7. Welcome to MyGamingTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Please start a new topic for every bug. Tell us your Linux version, RTCW version, map name.
  9. Thanks for the info! I probably won't be able to use it, but it's good to know about it. The 0.87 version caused bugs for us, we were able to integrate the 0.85 version into the game. (Although I can't figure out why the bots refuse to use the mg42 cannons in this one either. They work on a windows server, not on my linux...) Just wondering what the 0.8 version has more features!
  10. It is compatible. Do you have installed the latest Omni-bot version 0.87 ? This is not related to the connection issue. If you have more questions, start a new topic.
  11. What are the chances that the 0.8 version will be compatible with RtCW at some point?
  12. Omni-bot ET View File Omni bot ET files Submitter hellreturn Submitted 03/01/23 Category Mods  
  13. hellreturn

    Omni-bot ET

    Version 0.87


    Omni bot ET files
  14. I agree with your overall statement @ palota but I don't think it's mod issue or that's where I am not following. If it's mod issue - same can happen on ET 2.6b as well. This particular issue ONLY happens with ETL server binaries. So that's where I have open question. Update: i have added the fix on jay2. Keep you posted.
  15. I don't know what changes they did in ETL. There are hundred of bugs and issues in ETL. The comment from ryzyk-krzysiek tells something about g_etbot_interface.cpp. That file is in mods, so only authors of mods can modify it.
  16. No problem, glad you could make it, thanks.
  17. Is this MOD issue? Based on that comment from ryzyk - it seems like omni bot issue? However, I am still not sure why the issue didn't happened with 2.6b server binaries vs ETL binaries where issues started. 2.6b + jaymod or silent or NQ -> No issues. ETL + Any mod -> Issue. So my guess is, something is different in ETL server version? Thanks.
  18. Kicking bots is the worst approach. It's just a workaround. Of course it would be better to fix this bug it in the mods. But many mods like NoQuarter and Jaymod are finished and abandoned.
  19. We can test it not an issue. I can put the fix on jay2 which has consistent issue on our server to validate it. Overall my question is, kicking is best approach? I would say why omni bot is even connecting? Please look into this issue and ryzyk-krzysiek has posted some analysis. I hope it helps in rectifying root cause. https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/2152
  20. We need to test it on some popular public server with enough active players.
  21. I haven't got ETL installed but I can lend you our test server with a separate omnibot directory for a couple of days if that helps ?
  22. I tried to fix it by kicking connecting bots. But I can't test it because I don't have a dedicated server. You can get the new version from Assembla SVN. It's in file et/scripts/goals/goal_selectweapons.gm.
  23. Nice work on the wiki, looks clean and good - thank you.
  24. Omni-bot wiki has been moved to https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/OMNIBOT_-_Enemy_Territory_Modification
  25. b is for etpro. It's documented on wiki: https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Server_Cvar#shoutcastPassword Use like this: shoutcastPassword "yourpass"
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