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  2. You have to create some ATTACK or DEFEND goals. Then use function SetAvailableMapGoals to enable or disable these goals.
  3. How can this be done? It's okay for the Engineers to come here to install dyna, but how can you make it so that the others aren't there until after the door has blown up? edit: I solved it in the meantime
  4. The problem is somewhat solved. The Pubj engine was using 0.85 bots, now using the cU engine + 0.87 omnibots works! The bots are using their beds! For some reason they don't fix them, but I can be happy about that now!
  5. I will add possibility to set multiple navigation flags in the next Omni-bot version.
  6. Ah, wasn't precise enough regarding the table, I meant something like: Wp.SetWaypointFlag( "waypoint_name_given_to_several_waypoints", { "axis", "door" }, true );
  7. A table can't be passed to Wp.SetWaypointFlag. But you can use regular expressions. You can append .* to the parameter.
  8. Good afternoon, I'm doing waypoints for a map which has team doors getting removed/added depending on destructibles I have set the same name for multiple waypoints to add/remove the team and door flags, so it only takes 1 call to Wp.SetWaypointFlag per flag (with a function being passed true/false ofc) Well, that's what I thought ^^' It is only performed on the 1st waypoint (lowest UID) It does look like an overlook, since there's no issue naming several waypoints the same way (they have their UID), and I don't see the point giving each waypoint a different name to have a different call to the function ^^' Extra question, haven't tried it: can a table be passed to that function? According to Wiki only a string is expected
  9. Welcome to MyGamingTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Welcome to MyGamingTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. Can you try g_clientBinaries 2
  12. Hi guys on my server on the start of every map the server sends unknown client binary message for each player. I have this set set g_silentac 2 set g_clientbinaries 6 and set g_identOptions 31. Its annoying how can i stop this?
  13. Welcome to MyGamingTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. Okay thanks, i will try that. Maybe the Rtcw Version makes this error, because i installed a older version on linux.
  15. I only set omnibot_enable and omnibot_path. Other cvars are default. I have installed iortcw-1.51c. When I compiled s4ndmod, I added RTCW_VERSION_0_83 into the header file code/game/Omnibot/rtcw/RTCW_Config.h. I only tested a dedicated server. I don't know how to build client binaries. There is no makefile in cgame folder.
  16. Okay thanks. And the server.cfg would be helpfull too
  17. set m01 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_assault; set nextmap vstr m02" set m02 "map mp_base; set nextmap vstr m03" set m03 "map mp_beach; set nextmap vstr m04" set m04 "map mp_castle; set nextmap vstr m05" set m05 "map mp_sub; set nextmap vstr m06" set m06 "map mp_village; set nextmap vstr m01" vstr m01
  18. Could you share the config? So i may can figoure it out the failure. Would be great.
  19. Thank you! Yes in the meantime we did some tests...unfortunately then it seems the Pubj engine has some bug.
  20. I installed s4ndmod on Linux and it works. Maybe you have some bad config.
  21. I have solved the problem, it is possible to delete the topic.
  22. I have a complicated question. We are now creating a playable version of the Single Player maps for RtCW under Multiplayer. I am stuck on the Assault map. I have several problems. The first is that I am unable to load the assault map to work with it on the bots path. This has been done by others, so it's not impossible. Otherwise I would not have a way file for it... So if I upload the bsp and script file here is there any way someone can make a loadable map from it? I have not been able to, I am not a mapper. Tried to trick it by loading mp_assault, but since it's a different map, I can't make the route from the SP tower where the flyer should be launched from. assault tower mp_assault tower Which way file I have there already leads to there way, but the bots keep getting stuck at the control room so the whole map is unplayable... This is where they get stuck: It is important to note that SP maps cannot be loaded by default into the Multiplayer client unless the maps are created as shown here: rtcw.life/mapdb (Names of maps starting with SP) So the first main question: how can I open the map to work with the bots? Or can someone make a compatible, loadable version? Map link: assault.bsp | assault.script
  23. Ill used this as first test with the s4ndmod source here: https://github.com/S4NDM4NN/s4ndmod/ But theres the issue as i wrote above. my mod is built the same
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