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Buying Guide: 7 Father's Day gifts you shouldn't give to your technophobe dad

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Buying Guide: 7 Father's Day gifts you shouldn't give to your technophobe dad

Worst gifts 1 - 3

If you love TechRadar, you're no doubt a tech lover. You want to share your love of gadgets with the world, including all your friends and most importantly, your dad this Father's Day. But not so fast! Need we remind you that he keeps forgetting which side of the mouse he has to "right-click" on?

You could say your dad's a Luddite, but that wouldn't paint an accurate picture of his relationship with technology. Let me get right down to my point: the man knows absolutely nothing about modern technology and more importantly, doesn't care to know.

Technology can be a scary thing, so before you go out and buy your favorite gadget for dad, you should read on. Here are 7 bad gift ideas that require technical ability of its user, so make sure you re-consider your options before buying any of these gifts for your old man.

1. Neato XV Signature Pro

Vacuuming and sweeping should be outsourced to a robot … well NOT as far as your dad is concerned. For most of us, robotic vacuum cleaners can make our lives easier, but for the "others, " and by that we mean your technophobe pop, robot vacuum cleaners offer "too many features."


Why would dad want automated recharging or wall sensors, which make robot cleaners perfect helpers for keeping your floors clean?

The Neato XV Signature Pro is equipped a laser guided mapping system *gulp* that allows it to clean in an efficient straight path rather than just bouncing off of walls and furniture. This vacuum cleaner doesn't have a remote control, so if your dad wants to adjust the settings while it is moving, he will have to catch it. Here's another plus that your dad will certainly not enjoy: Robot software can be upgraded when new features become available.

Price: $449

Dare to get it here: http://www.neatorobo....com/series/xv/

2. Google Glass Explorer Edition

Google has made its Glass wearable computer specs open to the public, but there are some things you just shouldn't show dad. With this early first-look version, your old man wouldn't know what to do with a hands-free digital overlay on his entire world.

Google glass

Not only will dad be confused when you explain to him that Google Glass is Google on your face, but he'll turn red after he goes cockeyed from eyestrain. Oh what a ride Father's Day will be with this!

Price: $1,500

Dare to get it here: http://www.google.com/glass/start/

3. Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 has finally caught up with 60′s spy show watch technology. But unfortunately, your dad is severely lost in time. The Gear 2 smartwatch combines modern, cutting-edge design with technical wizardry - featuring a camera, a speakerphone, a powerful display, and the ability (or inability) for dad to receive his text messages, emails and control his music - all from his wrist.

Gear 2

At this point, you're better off teaching pop which side of the mouse he has to "right click" on before exposing him to any smart device.

Price: $299

Dare to get it here: http://www.samsung.c...2_features.html

Worst gifts 4 - 7

4. Wi-Fi Kettle

If your dad is anything like mine, he needs a cup of tea in the morning in order to wake up. The stainless steel Wi-Fi Kettle is the ultimate in technology and a little glimpse into your future smart home.

It can be controlled from any room through a smartphone via, you guessed it, Wi-Fi. Sounds easy, huh? Not if your old man just wants some good ol' hot water while he musters the energy to get out of bed. This kettle just might put him back to sleep.

wi-fi kettle

The Wi-Fi Kettle app rouses users with a cheery, "Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No." And unless your dad learns how to tap the "yes," button, he'll be out cold.

The 1.8-liter, stainless steel kettle with a Wi-Fi base can be set to boil automatically. The product also has a feature to keep the water warm.

Maybe you can trade in your Technophobe Dad for Lazy Dad.

Price: $180

Dare to get it here: http://wifikettle.com/index.html#home

5. Spree Fitness Monitor

The Spree Fitness Monitor looks like a cool headband that will make your old man look like a Springsteen wannabe, but only IF he knew how to use it.


The Spree fitness monitor takes "step counting" to a new level and tracks distance and speed travelled with its mileage tracker. The Spree can also read for body temperature, heart rate, calories burned and movement.

Price: $299

Dare to get it here: http://spreesports.com/

6. Lunecase

So your dad has a cell phone and a cell phone case, but let's not get too crazy and get any ideas about him using the Lunecase, an "intelligent case" that operates using energy that would otherwise go to waste.

There are no batteries or cords required, so you think this would be a good gift for any technophobe, but wait. There's more. The company claims that it can harness leftover electromagnetic energy to power an LED notification system. We're not really sure what that means, but we do think your old man might freak out even if his phone is face-down or in silent mode. When a call or text message comes in, the corresponding icon lights up on the back of the case, even before the phone starts to ring.


Pre-orders for Lunecase are going on now following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The iPhone 5/5S or iPhone 5C case is expected to start shipping in August, making for a belated Father's Day gift if your dad gets up to speed with the techno times by then.

Price: $49.95

Dare to get it here: http://www.lunecase.com

7. Apple TV

For a dad that confuses his Apple iPhone device with an orange, the Apple TV might be an option to reconsider. Apple's living room box was once limited to just a few streaming services, but that's no longer the case.

Apple TV

Recent updates have increased its offerings to include iTunes, Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, PBS, History Channel and ESPN - all channels that Dad wants to watch with the flip of a regular remote control. Mention that the Apple TV supports AirPlay, a stream feature for audio or video from nearly any app on your iPhone or iPad to your TV, and you might have a new nickname, "rotten Apple child."

Price: $99

Dare to get it here: http://www.apple.com/appletv/

Jessica Naziri is a tech expert, online media personality and accomplished journalist covering the intersection between technology and culture. She is a self-proclaimed "chic geek," who turned her passion into a career, working as an technology reporter. You can follow her on Twitter @jessicanaziri or email her: iamjessicanaziri@gmail.com.

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