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About This File

ETEng is a server binary modification that is to improve performance of server and fix serverside bugs and exploits.

Modification includes already some small features like ( rcon ipfilter ; client connection rules ; getstatus confiruation sys ; builtin multi-protocol and more).


Added: sv_protocolcheck {0,1}: 0-Server doesn't check clients protocols, 1-Server allows only one protocol of sv_protocol.

Added: sv_protocol {82,84}: 82- 2.55 Protocol, 84 - 2.6b Protocol, This is shown in getinfo.

Added: sv_protect {0,1}: 0-Server doesn't check clients userinfo. 1-Server check clients for fake clients (q3fill exploit).

Added: sv_maxreqs {n}: N-getstatus Request per sv_reqtime.

Added: sv_reqtime {ms}: ms: ( default 1000 = 1s ) Time per sv_maxreqs request.

Added: sv_maxclientsip {n}: Maximum number of connections allowed from one particular IP.

Added: sv_rconfilter {0,1}: 0-Server doesn't check the client IP when using rcon. 1-Server filters the source rcon cmds.

Added: sv_rcon1 - sv_rcon5 {IP}: Works if sv_rconfilter is enabled. Example: sv_rcon1 "" IP Mask is also supported Ex: sv_rcon1 "83.0.0.*"

Added: Win32 Support


Fixed: wwwdl, getstatus exploit.

Fixed: Invalid .PK3 files referenced error.

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