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Trinity MU - Play to Win Server - Opening 12/17!

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Trinity Mu, The Server You Have Been Looking For

Hello to all our fellow MU community sincerely from all of our Trinity project team,

 First of all, ¿What is Project Trinity? ¿Who are we?.

 We are a group of MU developers that got tired of working for people that was used to paying us very low
 to do all the work, then getting all the money and then closing or abandoning the server leaving the players behind. Since we are also old time MU players, we felt really bad when that happened and sadly, we had no choice.
 So we group up and decided to start a server of our own with a new perspective of never scamming, never leaving
 the server to die, never getting p2p, never doing anything corrupted, we just wanna develop, have an amazing happy
 community and overall, to create and maintain the best server out there. 

 To do that we have developed a brand new experience, with a very specific set of rules that we as a server MUST OBEY

  • 1st. Must be Play 2 Win. 
  • 2nd. Server will never be abandoned

  • 3rd. keep the server with constant updates and fixes
  • 4th. Keep in touch with the community

  • 5th. Game must be fun, competitive and active.

 All those rules will go side by side with our main goal, improving the experience of an old game and bring it back to 2019.


Take a Look at our Facebook Page for ingame images,videos, updates, chat with us and more!





 Points per Reset: 500
 Points per Gran Reset: 1500

 This means that if you have for example 2 Grand Resets, you will start your next one with 3000 points




 You will receive 20 Reset Points for each reset that you accomplish. 

 You will receive 1000 Reset Points for each Grand Reset that you make.

 Reset Points are for the RESET SHOP, an unique feature that we offer. We want to reward players for actually playing. This will be the only way to buy items, with reset points, not with donations. Meaning no Pay 2 Win.



 Since we are determined to accomplish a long term fun game, we have developed a system that will resolve the issue of what would happen if you get to the maximun number of resets + grand resets 
The master reset system will allow you (if you choose to), to reset your character back to 0 rr 0 gr, but with some benefits into it:

You will receive 30000 Reset Points.
You will receive 10000 Trinity Points.
You will receive permanent VIP on your account for free.
You will receive a free class change and character name change, if you choose to use them.

All of this will help you if you get to the point where you are somehow bored of your class or character and you would like to start on a new one but with an extra good boost into it.



  A transparent budget. One of the things that we have seem so much around and that we hate, is all that misterious behaviour from the admins.  So there will be a monthly budget so everyone can see on what exactly are we spending your donations. We will focus them on publicity so the server grows, technology improvement, game files developing and salaries.




MONSTERS ARE VERY STRONG - this is our method of making the game more interesting and more updated. One of the main problems that make the current game boring and repetitive is the fact that you either have a low exp server wich turns out to be a game of only afk people just leveling forever, or you have a high exp server wich has more active people but still feels too fast, like mobs dont mather, like maps don't matter, there is no actual progression. 


GETTING ITEMS WONT BE EASY - We dont want a server when everybody has +15 exc items easily, old mu wasn't like that and we sure enjoyed it back then. It wont be crazy dificult but more balanced, more meaningful.

There will be a Huge Party EXP bonus so you will be encouraged to play with other friends.




 Since we will never have Conqueror Wings or Angel and Devil Wings on the shop, we have come up with a way to reward players with these items wich are basically one of the coolest elements in the game. And so, our King System was born:


PVP KING - Wings of Conqueror


  Conqueror Wings will be given to the Castle owner and the Guild Master of the other allied guilds for as long as they hold the Castle. If the castle changes ownership, Wings will go to the new Guild Masters.

  The top 3 players with the most Chaos Castle Wins will also receive Conqueror Wings for as long as they remain on the top 3


PVM KING - Angel and Devil Wings


  Angel and Devil Wings will be given to the top 3 players who have killed the most amount of bosses for as long as they remain on the top 3

  Angel and Devil Wings will be given to the top 3 players who are in the top of the most Blood Castle and Devil Square events completed for as long as they remain on the top 3



 One of the things we constantly see being forgotten the most is the hunting part of the game so we are definetly making the necesary changes to not only make it a more interesting and fun part of the game but to actually make it mandatory.

 First of all, the best items in the game and skills have to be bought with Ruud so with this in mind...The best way to get Ruud points will be to kill bosses so if you ever want to get that awesome Blood Angel set with the Blood Angel weapon,etc, you will most likely have to be strong enough to kill a certain boss and must take the time to setup a team with your guildmates to hunt for it. The stronger the boss, the more Ruud points it will give

 Also, if you would like to have access to an specific type of item you will have to look for the boss that drops it and then fight him in an epic fun battle. 

 So to all of our dear players, we bring you our very own Boss Loot System

Kundum : The Ancient and Jewerly Boss

Erohim : The Castle Boss, drop will vary but will be exclusive

Nightmare : The Weapon Boss

Selupan : The Seeds Boss

Medusa : The Top Socket Items Boss

Acheron : The Pentagrams and Mounts Boss

Ferea : The Blood Angel and Dark Angel Weapons Boss

Nix : The Holy Angel, End Game Boss

All this means that if for example, you need a weapon, you go hunt for Nightmare, you need seeds to fill your socket item, you go kill Selupan and so on.


Future of Trinity


Our first main goal is to update the server to the latest available season.
With that in mind...We are developing both season 13 and season 14 as we speak and we expect to release one of them (wich ever gets perfected first) after the first month of the server.


Starting Bonus and Free Trinity Points


Win 3000 free Trinity Points just by liking our Facebook Page and tagging 10 friends to our promotional video, after doing so, send a screenshot of the facebook comment to support@trinitymu.com or send a private message to the admin on the forum.

Also, during the first week after launching, everyone will enjoy of bonus EXP as a thank you for choosing us and trusting us. Let's have fun together and grow as a community. Remember to use the forum if you have any suggestion, report something, or if you wanna hang out and chat with us.


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