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Landmine spotted

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OFFLINE   jaie



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A step in the right direction
An option to have the guy:
completely muted or
only say it once for a group of land mines
or the way it currently is.

because currently if you want to mute him, you have to have the announcer muted also and that means you can't hear stuff like dynamite planted or objective taken which are crucial to game-play.

but it is rare for someone to bother spotting a lone land mine, they'd usually just ignore it and will try spot the ones in groups. When this happens, you get the announcer goes on and on, and it delays other messages and hearing dynamite planted 15 seconds late can be a pain.

also he causes me a whole lot of grief with lag, normally its fine, on a bad day my et goes patchy and sometimes even freezes if there are vsays or kill sprees or airstrikes whilst he is doing it,

so it would be great to have this as an option




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A step in the right direction
I agree with, possibly a way to have the group of landmines that are revealed with 1 zoom of the binocular be announced as 1 landmine.

(ie- in supply depot come out of cave and zoom in to spot 4 landmines near entrance and 2 by axis door announced once "landmine spotted"
If you zoom once for the 4 at cave entrance and then again for the 2 at the door you have 2 announcements instead of 6 total.)

OFFLINE   TheSilencerPL


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Your wishes has been implemented.

Available since 0.2.2 release.

server cvar:
g_landmineNotifyType [0|1|2]

Description: decide which notification types server should send.

0 - standard way, send notification for each revealed landmine
1 - send only single summary notification, for single binocs zoom
2 - don't send landmine notifications at all
3 - send all notifications, standard (for each landmine revealed) + single bincos zoom summary notification.
e.g. for 3 landmines revealed during 1 binocs zoom it would be: 3 notifications + 1 summary notification = 4

default: 3

client cvar:
cg_landmineNotifyType [0|1|2]

Description: decide which landmine reveal notifications client/player wants to receive.

Server can send two types of landmines reveal notification. Standard one, generated (sent) for each landmine revealed and summary one, which is sent after player spotting landmines stops using binoculars.
It's generated after each binculars zoom.

0 - only standard notfications (for each landmine revealed).
1 - only single summary notifications for one binocs zoom. New type of notification.
for example: during one binocs zoom, 3 mines were revealed, but only 1 summary notification is received.
It contains information: 3 mines spotted by "player name" and last one was in location "some location"
2 - don't receive any landmine notifications.

Default: 0 (only standard notifications)

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