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As a Online Multi Gaming Community we try our best to supply you with the latest geeky news and gossips. Nothing will stand in our way to spread them words.
The idea to create this community came up after years of playing different types of games with loads of different kinds of people. Some were playing WoW, some were playing Minecraft , some were hating SWTOR and some were loving it. We wanted to create a place where all people, no matter what games they love and hate, would have a place to share their adventures, read game related news and meet like-minded players from all over the world.
Hooray? Yes, Hooray  We totally agree. To join the Nerd Community of Team Bloodtype all you have to do is register on the site, Read the Rules and leave a application on the forum. After you have done that we will get back to you via a private message or a message on your application thread.
We are a growing community and at the moment we are hosting four servers that might be of your liking.
DayZ Chernarus – For your shooting pleasures.
Minecraft Vanilla – For your adventurous souls
DayZ 2017-For the Hard core survivors out there.
Battlefield 3 32 slot rotating maps- for tho's who like to frag.
As time flows by we plan to host more servers for different types of games. It all depends on the popularity and most-wanted games.
   Teamspeak3 will be available for members only. In teamspeak we will have several game channels where you can join whenever you want and speak to people playing the same game.
We don't bully people for their choice of games (As long as you don’t play SWTOR.. no no j/k). We are here to join up every gamer into a massive pile and talk about what we like the most: Games!
Hope to see you in the nearest future.
What we can Provide: Team-bloodtype will supply multiple game servers for members to play on and none members too. the servers we provide are DayZ/BF3/Minecraft Feed the Beast.
?We will provide a mature and friendly environment  for anyone to be part of during what ever game it is they are playing.
We will Provide the teamspeak3 to give you a voice.
Team-bloodtype will host monthly events for our members and hand out prizes to the winners.
We provide a website with working forums for members to discuss the latest games. make their own blogs. ask about changes. etc
Team-bloodtype is not a big community but members we do have are friendly/helpful  and always up for a laugh. at this point we have people from all over Europe so don't be afraid to join. we are here to do the same as you but just trying on a larger scale.
What we expect from you: We only ask of a few things with team-bloodtype and that is be 18+ (mature 17) will be taken.
Be a active gamer on the site and in games with us.
you don't have to use teamspeak its there if you want to speak to any of us tho.
join our events they are fun.
Be active on the website and forums. (whats the point in joining a community if you don't socialize with them?)
Be mature , don't be a sore looser or a big headed winner. we wont take slander of any members lightly. just be mature and friendly and we will get on fine.
Now running Silent Warrior Anti Hack!
Clan Bases now protected by defense domes only the clans can get in and out of. And custom clan skins coming soon!
Both clans now have their own custom bases on each side of the map. You can choose which to join via our forums.
TPLA - Bandits (Owning the East side of the map)
Team Bloodtype - Heroes but still ready for war! (owning the west side of the map)
NPCs are walking around the map now, ready to kill anyone and anything in their path. Beware of these!
Team-bloodtype.com is a New Online Multi Gaming Community that is looking for members to join from the DayZ Community. We are currently hosting a DayZ server for people to play on. It is set to -6GMT Day and Night server.  and we have barracks at NW and NE Airfields. Vehicles are set to a low amount to make it harder.
Thanks to our Hungergames event we have managed to take on a few new members to our community. This has lead to 2 clans running on our Chernarus map! The Peoples Liberation Army and Team Bloodtype. Join us and pick you clan or go solo to fight against us both! With TPLA also came a new map. we now have a second DayZ Server at the moment running DayZ 2017
Also if bored we tend to go onto other busy servers as a group between 7-10 of us, we had some epic fun in Cherno counter sniping some spawn campers 
Team-bloodtype will be hosting regular events monthly handing out prizes for winners including Razer Gear!!
Want to play Minecraft? why not do it on our server?


Whitelisting is needed to play on our server but this can be arranged once you join the community. you will find when you join all you simply need to do is walk off and start building :D play with other mature and friendly gamer's.


Building events with in-game bonuses to the winners!


Fun and friendly members of our community to play with.


Battlefield 3


Want to Join our growing platoon? Hurdle the weak? You can do this by joining our Platoon! we have people form all different skill levels just hop on TS3 join us on one of our BF3 days!


At this point our platoon is small but it is growing along with our members roster so join us and stand proud with you community tag round your neck run into battle and rain fire down on anyone in your way.


Eve Online


Ever wanted to roam outer space in your own ship? Now you can join the Team Bloodtype community out there too! Lead by a very experienced Eve Online player you can take on everyone out there!


We have helpful beginner guides to the game on our forums along with 3 week trial keys for members to try the game before they decide if they want to keep playing. 


The world of Eve is massive! you could play just to get lost for days. Or even just look for rare materials and items to sell!


And if you still want to kill stuff you can do that too with their open world pvp! Engage in some of the biggest battles you will ever be in! 


In Eve Online you will never be alone. If you are having problems with another player why not call on Team Bloodtype to turn up and blow them out of space? we back up all our members in the harsh vastness of Eve.



Its not just these games you can join us on loads of others too. APB / Planetside 2 / League of Legends /World of Warcraft /Starcraft 2! If its a game we will play it!!


So if you think we could be something for you then please visit us at www.team-bloodtype.com . See you in the game world!

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