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A step in the right direction



About Us - Summary - TL:DR
The two owners are 27 and 33. Our admins and moderators are all over 18.
We run several different servers, DayZ Epoch, DayZ Overwatch, Arma 3 Wasteland and Battlefield 2 - Project Reality.
We're expanding quickly and we plan to continue to do so. We originally started with a DayZ Epoch server and due to popularity and requests we moved onto other servers.
Why should you come and play with us or on our servers?
  • Most importantly, we really do have active admins. Ask any of our regulars, we are very active in helping people out be that with glitches, skiddies or just general questions.
  • For the DayZ servers take 15 minute interval backups of our database. All of which are backed up externally, just incase the worst happens. We also run our own custom server side anti-hax.
  • We take on board all suggestions and requests.
  • We like to keep the game as fair and as organic as possible, we try not to enforce game changing rules or add silly mods to the games we run. In many aspects we like to try and make the game as challenging as possible without breaking the experience or ruining the fun.
  • We have a huge resume of expierence, from playing competitively in some of the bigger games, through admining leagues to running almost every type of server throughout the past decade and a half thats worth mentioning.
  • We don't use our admin unless we need to, we're not power hungry and we don't use it for our own gain. 
  • We're very strict on the use of admin abilities and any admin abuse is met with instant dismissal.
  • We deal in 100% truths and facts before dealing out any admin actions, there are cases where we will take action if the accusation is severe enough to protect the rest of the server while we investigate.
Report System
We have a public server issues forum, where you can post any problems. This is great for general questions and issues that often even the regulars can help out and answer. It also means that all admins can see it, meaning you'll have a quicker response.
For issues that are sensitive we have a private issues report form, for example if you don't want the whole community to know where your tent is on our DayZ servers but you have a problem around that area or with that specific tent or if you have an issue with someone on the server but would like to keep it low profile, this application goes to all members of the admin team and only you and the admins can see and interact with the report.
General Rules
  • No racism or discrimination of any kind (e.g homophobia)
  • No personal attacks (keep it to in game banter, don't make it personal)
  • Trolling is allowed (we like this, it inspires some good rivalry especially in games like DayZ where you can really set people up)
  • Swearing is allowed
  • Common sense (If you try to use a loophole to get round server rules, common sense is there to stop this)
All servers have their individual extra rules so be sure to check those out in their respective sections for more information.
Our Servers
Servers that see high traffic are often set to whitelist only if admins are not around, this prevents any over night issues that leave the server in a bad state until an admin is around. While we do have many active admins there can be times, primarily early mornings UK time that the server is left unprotected by admins. This has been very successful so far.
Each server has its own page detailing the changes made to the server. If no changes are made, the page will state that.
DayZ Epoch:
DayZ Overwatch:
Arma 3 - Wasteland:
Battlefield 2 - Project Reality:
I have a really bad habit of making detailed posts, I can't help myself and I end up questioning myself over everything so I like to cover all the bases its got to the point where its very OCD but I'm actually ok with that.
You don't have to play on our servers to get a feel of what we're like and how we run things, just lurk on our website and check out the forum.
Hopefully some of you will like what you see here already and come give us a try, if you think we can improve our servers, website or even this post then don't hesitate to suggest a change.

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