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G!X Clan, A Wolfenstein and minecraft gaming clan.

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We are a bunch of gamers that Enjoys to play and chat alot together while gaming. This is an old Wolfenstein Enemy Territory clan wich is under new management.

We are looking for gamers that wants to play and be in a social clan. Our clan does not have the main goal to become the biggest and best Clan in Wolfenstein ET, but our goal is to become a social and pleasant clan, Quality is better than quantity.


We are mostly playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory though we have a TF2 and a newly started minecraft survival server to expand out of Wolfenstein more.


We have info about our servers at our forum wich I will link at bottom though atm an admin confirmation is needed to complete registering but you can still find our server IPs and names without registering.


Most of the clan is located in the United States but we also have some members from EU.

two of our Wolfenstein servers, our TF2 and minecraft server is located in the US.

but we also have one Wolfenstein server located in EU,


We hope that you will try out playing with us and possibly enjoy it enough to join our clan and have a good time.


Quick server info:




G!X Black (US):

Is a S!lentmod fragging server wich main goal is objective, more teamwork is required to complete the objectives.


G!X Blue (US):

Is a N!tmod fragging server wich main goal is fragging and killing, it still have objective maps, but its more focused towards just fragging.


G!X Pink (EU):

Is a N!tmod sniper server, the main goal is fragging but on 2 sided maps with only snipers, Its a more laidback gaming style but its still a challenge.


G!X Green (US):

Minecraft Survival server, (dont have much info on this atm)


G!X Orange (US):

Is a TF2 server. As I dont play TF2 myself, I dont have much info on this either.


For you who are interested, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free to play game.

and you can download a communitymade client (wich is more stable than the default client) at http://www.etlegacy.com/


I hope that this will interest you to try us out, feel free to pop in and I'll meet you ingame!


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