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AltF4 Gaming arma 2 dayz Overpoch Chernarus server

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AltF4 Gaming Overpoch Chernarus

Hello fellow dayz players i am one of the server administrators over at ALtF4 Gaming, and I would like your attention for a few minutes.
ALtf4 is a great arma2 gaming growing by the day we encourage
All ages and skill levels are welcome but we ask only to show respect towards your fellow members / staff.
When it all comes to an end, what matters the most is that we had a good time playing alone or with a group of people.
Now, I'm sure that some of you most likely just want to know what our servers can provide you as a player.
Our server runs the version of overpoch, and has a lot of scripts added to it.
There'll be a list of all our addons here :

  • oil
  • pearl fishing
  • custom static ai placements
  • custom traders and prices
  • custom buildings all over map
  • change your own view distance
  • group management
  • plot4life
  • plot management
  • door management
  • wai mission system
  • 45m plot radius
  • deploy bike/motorbike/mozzie
  • Refuel & Repair
  • Self Bloodbag
  • Snap & Build pro
  • Take Clothes
  • 45m PlotPole
  • walking zombies
  • single currency and banking
  • safezone traders
  • lottery
  • robbable bank
  • custom player hud
  • advanced trading

We hope too see you there and enjoying our server we are a fresh database if you join the ts we will give you 
building kit if you join the website we will give you some money to make your game play enjoyable even more we also have dedicated Server box very well put together server Admins are not allowed too pvp or interfere with people game play unless asked for help our assistance 
we love to have all clans/groups and solo players So i hope too see you around on altf4 gaming server's

Server IP ~ 
or search for Altf4
Teamspeak ~ Ts3.altf4gaming.com
Website ~ http://altf4gaming.com/

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