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These Electrolux Design Lab finalists show the future of kids' health

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Getting Better
These Electrolux Design Lab finalists show the future of kids' health

Electrolux Design Lab competition: the semi-finalists


Each year, Electrolux holds an event known as the Electrolux Design Lab, a global competition which invites young designers from around the world to submit new ideas for Electrolux products which are based around a specific brief this year's theme is Healthy Happy Kids.

Entrants were asked to submit concepts in three areas: air purification, cooking and fabric care.

The winner of the competition receives a 10,000 and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre.

Thousands have entered the competition this year, but it's now down to 35 semi-finalists, all of which have produced original and innovative concepts based on the theme of children's heath read on to find out what these top submissions are all about!

1. Air Shield

Air Shield

This concept, by designer Dominykas Budinas from Lithuania, creates a microclimate within your child's stroller to ensure that it receives purified air.

2. Airy Leaf

Airy Leaf

The Airy Leaf, by designer Valeriya (also from Lithuania) uses an ionizer filter to create a favourable microclimate of purified air around a child's bed.



The concept of the BIOPRINTER, from designer Constanza Fredericksen Neira of Chile, is to convert organic material into biofuel using a process called "liquefaction".

4. Bloom


British designer Jordan Lee Martin's concept, called Bloom, is to provide a safe, entertaining and educational way for children to take part in cooking, cleaning and growing their own food.

5. Bud


Lithuanian designer SImonas Palovis has come up with a concept called Bud, which is an educational gaming device that allows users to taste the food they've created in the game.

6. ButtonLab


Designer uhlirdom, who hails from the Czech Republic, came up with this concept which finds the best time and way to treat specific items of clothing.

7. Chauva


Designer Tomas Blaha of the Czech Republic has created a concept of an air purifier that combats pollen allergies, specifically for children.

8. Cleanspire


Polish designer ?ukasz Kowalski came up with this concept, which sees a robot clean and sterilise your bed sheets on a daily basis.

9. Dorian


Orsan B. Tuluce of Turkey has designed a concept that lets families raise their own 'Tree of Life' in their living rooms with specialised bonsai trees.

10. Echodream


Brazilian designer Bruno dos Santos Pierosan came up with this concept, which reproduces wild environments within the family home, so that kids can embrace their adventurous side in safety.

11. Electrolux Hub

Electolux Hub

This concept, by British designer Angelo D'Onofrio, provides an educational cooking experience for kids in an augmented reality environment.

12. Electrolux Engage

Electrolux Engage

Currently residing in China, designer Daniel Sällberg has submitted a concept which turns daily kitchen tasks into social activities for the whole family.

13. Floud


The Floud, from Slovakian designer David Jurik, is an active concept seat which not only purifies the air, it also cleanses the body, relaxes you and provides a workout.

14. Flows


Designer Pascal GRANGIER's Flows concept provides a fun and interactive way to monitor and manage the air quality of your home.



Italian designer Albina has submitted a concept called FOODY which recycles food waste and involves the whole family in the cooking process, allowing them to practice healthy eating habits.

16. Fum-e


Finnish designer Joona Tapio Hinkkanen has submitted the Fum-e, a concept kitchen hood which not only helps with cooking, it also gives information about food and teaches healthy eating habits to the whole family.

17. Future Classroom

Future Classroom

This concept, from designer Tobias Tsamisis of Hungary, is an interactive and self-sustaining kitchen which is used for educational purposes.

18. GUT


GUT, from Colombian designer Susana Restrepo Dávila, is an air-purifier and interactive assistant which actually grows with your child as if it were alive.

19. HP+


Dubbed the HP +, Indian designer Omkar Vilas More submitted a concept called which provides a real-life gaming experience that rewards you for indulging in healthy eating habits.



Indonesian designer Larasati created the concept for IMAGINARIUM, a futuristic dream machine with purifies the air while emitting "relaxing lightwaves and scented varieties".

21. KickAir


This concept, from Spanish designer Javier Gil Campos, is an air purifying ball that charges when it's kicked around, making the act of cleaning your air a fun event.

22. Kitchen Wizard

Kitchen Wizard

Polish designer Agata came up with this concept, which helps children learn about food by scanning food products and providing information on them with sounds and light signals.

23. Link


The concept for LINK, from designer Herman of the Ukraine, is a network of personal bracelets which monitors the wellness of children, also helping them eat and enjoy healthy food.

24. Magic Sphere

Magic Sphere

Magic Sphere, from designer Sofia Calvo of Peru, is a concept that helps protect children by turning green when the air is pure, and red when the child is in danger.

25. Magic Wand

Magic Wand

Designer Lakatos Botond of Hungary created this concept, which is a personal tool which can instantly remove stains from clothes, as well as pathogens and hazardous bacteria.

26. Plato


Plato is a concept by Russian designer Mary Pilyugina, which sees ideal geometry shapes used to emphasise the plasticity of the human body to children in the form of crib toys.

27. Pure Life

Pure Life

The concept of Pure Life, from Argentinian designer Tomy Moyano, is based around an air purifier that has a tree planted inside of it, changing its efficiency based on which tree has been used.

28. Q.H[Quadruple H]

Q.H[Quadruple H]

The name of this fitness-inspired air purifier, Quadruple H, is a reference to the four elements which make up this product from Korean designer Jeongbin Seo health, happiness, hologram and hula-hoop.

29. Shake your air

Shake your air

The concept behind this device, from Taiwanese designer Yi-Jun-Chen, is to monitor and reduce the concentration of CO2 in interior spaces by shaking a fragrance-emitting device.

30. Sleep-D


The Sleep-D, from Korean designer ahjeonghan, is a concept which helps purify the air in a baby's room, making it a better sleeping environment, which also monitoring the baby's health.

31. Symbiosis


Brazilian designer João Luís Lopes de Brito's concept for Symbiosis is to teach children what a single plant is capable of, as the device produces 3D laser holographic projection when planted to show the child a glimpse of what is to become a new playground.

32. Uggla


Uggla, from Korean designer GuYong Park, is a cute and huggable companion for your child that purifies the air by breathing as if it were alive, and which also has the ability to monitor your child's health.



Mexican designer Martha Fabiola García Bustos' VORIS concept is a friendly monster that lives in children's closets, keeping their clothes so fresh and so clean.

34. Weaver


Designer Larissa Trindade of Brazil came up with this concept, which helps extend the life of your garments by recovering colours and textiles in damaged fabrics, and figuring out ways of weaving them back in.

35. YoYoAir


Ever wanted a yo-yo that simultaneously purifies the air as it's being played with? That is exactly the concept that Romanian designer Tripon Adelina Ionela has envisioned in her submissions.

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