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?Falcon Gaming Community looking for Administrative Staff?

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A step in the right direction


The Falcon Gaming Community has started this new year with a bang and we are looking for more Administrative Staff to help run the community and to help it expand. The Administrative Staff the brains of the community and they handle certain aspects vital to its functioning such as Technical Work, Finances, Recruitment and Moderation. We are currently looking for exceptional people who are willing to undertake some of these vital roles in our community. These permanent staff positions will be handed out on a volunteer basis as our community does not make any financial gains and runs purely as a single minded community of tight knit gamers that share their individual talents and assets in order to support the community. Keep in mind that by applying for a staff position we do not require you to play any games (its optional) however we require you to actively represent your role and to contribute to the community. Ideally this should only take a couple of hours off your free time every week as we hope to distribute work between administrative staff so it wont become a burdening commitment. 

Below is a list of our Administrative Hierarchy:
Falcon Gaming Staff Positions
Heads of Administration
Co-Founder (Supreme Commander) - The Owner
CTO (Chief Technical Officer) - Handles Technical Officers and is in charge of all tech related matters within the community. E.g. Website, TeamSpeak 3.
CFO (Chief Financial Officer) - Handles Financial Officers and is In charge of handling donations and doubles up as a treasurer.
CRO (Chief Recruitment Officer) - Handles Recruitment Officers and is in charge of recruitment.
Administrative Staff
Technical Officers - Assists the CTO and normal members with technical assistance.
Financial Officers - Assists the CFO with finding and handling of donations and monetary assets.
Recruitment Officers - Assists the CRO with recruitment (may be assigned to individual games).
Public Relations Officers - Assists the CTO/CFO/CRO with handling public relations.
Community Managers - Acts as helpers (may be assigned to individual games). They assist the Public Relations Officers and Community Commanders and Officers with activity checks and moderation. (No game knowledge required).
Community Staff (Game Specific)
Commander - The Leader(s), they have absolute power and they coordinate everything from recruitment, building the base to raids.
Officer - The players that report to the Commander(s) and make sure every other member receives instructions. They are given the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Commander. They may also be involved in recruitment and clan management.
Captain - The most trusted and skilled layers in the clan, capable of holding their own weight including that of their subordinates.
Specialist - Skilled, trusted and devoted members of the clan that make up the "core" team. Often handpicked by Captains to take part in special operations that have been initiated by Officers or Commanders.
Private - Members of this rank are officially made a part of the clan and have more access within the clan than recruits.
Recruit - The default rank for ordinary members, they are not encouraged to make decisions independently on behalf of the clan and should work towards proving their worth in the clan.Falcon Gaming Staff Positions

Heads of Administration Staff applications will have to be restricted to people who are above the age of 18 due to legal implications.


Want to know more about the community and find a reason to join our Administrative Team?

Who We Are
We are a community of Gamers, from all corners of the globe of different backgrounds and occupations. Our end goal is to become a reputed community for producing quality casual/competitive teams and players.
The history of the community dates back to early 2012 when it started off as a Counter Strike 1.6 clan between friends in Sri Lanka. Instead of going local, recruitment spread to all parts of the globe and the community started taking its form as players diversified the games they played.
Our Teams comprise both casual and competitive players, the environment we bring them together in makes it difficult to distinguish a casual player from a competitive player. Our administration consists of dedicated individuals that share their skills and talents on a volunteer basis to maintain the ideology of the community.
What We Do
We create Clans/Guilds within many games, across PC and Mobile platforms, that encourage team based gameplay. We don't strive to be the best competitively, but to be the best in creating unique and fun teams.
We offer a very different environment to that of other Gaming Communities, as we encourage the growth of bonds and friendships between players, rather than functioning like a machine. We set a fun and productive environment for our players, in which we take pride in.
The community also provides services such as TeamSpeak Services that benefit Teams as a whole and individual players.
How We Work
We select a game into which we would like to create a team for and then proceed in getting a start-up player to set up the team in game. We brand it under our communitys name. We then proceed to recruitment via forums/videos/word of mouth. The administration oversees the applications received and sets up services relevant to the games mechanics that would aid our Teams. We have a community ranking system which allows players to retain their ranks if they choose to switch to play another game within the community. That way we can ensure that players will always have people to play on any games they choose to play within the community. This Flexibility is what has led to the rapid growth of the community.
What We Believe
Gaming, whether you choose to do it recreationally or as a professional athlete can be universally enjoyed. Gamers should be allowed to interact with each other from all walks of life without discrimination and should be able to show unity and strengthen friendships. That is the environment our community offers and it is what allows players to truly enjoy the games they play.
After all, games are meant to be played, and there is no better way to play them than with some friends.

Like what you see? Join our Team Today! 


We will contact you via e-mail once we receive your application! Thanks for considering us! ;)

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