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Eternal MU Season 8 | OPEN 5 MARCH | EXP x100 | NO WEBSHOP | 11 YEARS ONLINE

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Dear MU Players,

We are a long term MU Online community that exists for over eleven years and one of the very few that really cares about its players and offers the best possible gameplay that you can find on a private server. During the years, we have improved our skills and thinking so everyone can enjoy MU Online at it's best by playing on our near to bugless servers based on premium paid files that are set to replicate as much as possible the official server settings.

Due to our longevity we decided to merge our long lasting projects known as Diablo MU and Blizzard MU into one big project hosting multiple worlds with different rates and settings under the name of Eternal MU which seems to suits us best as we are one of the oldest private servers on the market that are still up and running. Old domain names are pointing to our new domain eternalmu.com

Official Website: http://www.eternalmu.com
Community Forums: http://forum.eternalmu.com

Version: Season 8
Experience: 100x
Master Level Experience: 10x (minimum monster lvl is 95)
Item Drop: 30%
Reset Level: 400
Max Master Level: 300
Points per Level: 5/6/7
Master Points per Level: 1
Burn Stats (500 Stats * Resets Number)
Free Stats: 500
Max Resets: 30
Grand Reset Available From 30 Resets
Grand Reset Bonus: 5000 Stats (Permanent Stats * Grand Resets Number)
Max Grand Resets: 10

Reseting stats will not affect your skills, quest or inventory content and they will remain intact.
Grand reset bonus stats are cumulative and kept permanently after each reset and grand reset totaling 50.000 end stats.

No Webshop
No Server Side Sold Items
No Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Premium Server Files and Website
Max Life: +16
Max Excellent Options: 2
Max Socket Options: 3
Max Socket Two-Handed Weapons: 5
Socket + Excellent: Disabled
Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
Items 380 + Excellent: Enabled
Monster Spots: 4-6 (available on minimap)
Original Events Reward and Drops
Party Bonus System (increased experience in party)
Experience Bonus System (increased experience in different events)
Elemental System
MUPoints Reward System
PowerUP (X) Shop: eCoins and MUPoints
Market System: Zen, Jewels, eCoins
Offtrade System: Zen, Jewels, eCoins
Party Duels
Jewels Bet Duels
MU Official Helper From Level 1
Account Security Key: Two-factor authentication

Normal Party 1 Player  = 100% Experience
Normal Party 2 Players = 105% Experience
Normal Party 3 Players = 110% Experience
Normal Party 4 Players = 115% Experience
Normal Party 5 Players = 120% Experience

Set Party 3 Players = 120% Experience
Set Party 4 Players = 125% Experience
Set Party 5 Players = 130% Experience

Normal Party = At least 2 same class characters in party.
Set Party = Only unique classes characters in party.

Bless Success Rate: 100%
Life Success Rate: 50%
Soul Success Rate: 75% (with luck)
Soul Success Rate: 50% (without luck)

Wings Mix Rate: 100% ~ 40%
Dark Horse and Spirit Mix Rate: 60%
Normal Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 60% ~ 50%
Excellent Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 50% ~ 40%
Socketed Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 40% ~ 30%

Luck option increases success rates by additional 25% when upgrading items.
All mix rates are gmo like meaning original settings as shown inside the chaos machine.

Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Elf, Summoner No requirements
Magic Gladiator - Requires level 220 character
Dark Lord - Requires level 250 character
Rage Fighter - Requires level 280 character

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Loren Deep
Red Dragon Invasion
Skeleton Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Golden Dercon Invasion
Golden Dercon NEW Invasion
Castle Siege
Kundun Boss
Kanturu Nightmare
Raklion Hatchery
Swamp of Peace Medusa
Moss Merchant
Cherry Blossom
Double Goer
Fortress of Imperial Guardian

Arca War
Gens War
Survival of the Fittest
Happy Hour Experience Bonus
Dungeon Race
PvP Last Stand
Bring Me
Lucky Coin
Golden Archer
Kill the GM
Monster Spawn
Bounty Hunter
Hunt and Kill
Trivia Scramble Words

Lunar Rabbit Invasion
Christmas Santa's Village
Christmas Santa's Bag
Christmas Santa's Attack
Christmas Santa's Scavenger Hunt
New Year Pouch of Blessing Invasion
New Year Firecrackers
New Year Star of Sacred Birth
Valentine's Chocolate Box
Valentine's Heart of Love
Children's Day Candy Box
Summer Fire Flame Ghost

/addstr x (str,agi,vit,ene,cmd)

/clearinv name This command will delete all items in your main inventory (equipment items are not included) so use it with care because we will not compensate any items lost using this command.
/vipnopk This command will let vip players not to be pked and they cant pk too, use it again to allow pking

Two-factor authentication Account Security
/setkey 10_KEY_CHARACTERS to set your master key
/confirmkey YOUR_10_KEY to confirm and set your account's master key
/lock YOURKEY to protect your account
/unlock YOURKEY to unlock your account

Solo and Party Duel Bet Extension
/duel name x (name - Name of the player you want to challenge ; x - This is a number of jewel of bless to bet, valid number for x are : 1, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180)
/partyduel name x (name - Name of the party leader you want to challenge ; x - This is a number of jewel of bless to bet, valid number for x are : 1, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180)

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