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The Devils Playground: Active Admins, Events, Trade, FF, InstaCraft, x3 Gather, x2 Smelt, Updated Loot Table, Much More

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To quick connect to our server; Push F1 to open your Console in-game and type: connect

This server is located in NA and is a modded server with some really good features:


x3 gathering - All Resource nodes and pick-ups are multiplied by 3 to save you time farming so you can enjoy more exploring, raiding, and PvP.


Stack Controller - We've increased the amount you can hold, normally stack sizes max out at 10,100, and 1,000. Now you can hold up to: 1,000, 10,000, and 100,000.


x2 smelting - Doubled the time it takes to smelt ores and make charcoal.


Instant Crafting - No more waiting/idling for crafting items


Friendly Fire - In chat type /friend add (playername)


No Decay - Certain structures do not decay over time (mainly bases)


Remove Tool - Made a mistake building? No worries, in chat type; /remove While holding nothing in your hands just look at what you want to remove and left click, your building placement will be

removed and you will be refunded a percentage of the materials that you used


In-game Events - Vote to participate in, in-game events such as Deathmatch and Gun Game (start with a weapon, only kills with that weapon will unlock the next weapon).


Reputation System - Rep points can be earned for time played on the server, and participating in-game events.


No Nights - At dusk you will have the option to vote to skip the night. Outcome is determined by majority votes.


Trade System - With this plugin, trading with players you dont know is now safer and easier. In chat type /trr (playername). A user interface will be displayed and from there you can read the

instructions on how to trade items with other players.


Updated Loot Table - Finding items in barrels will be much easier, with rare items becoming more of an uncommon drop, we have decreased the amount of blueprint fragments you will be able to find. So finding rare weapons armour and tools maybe be easier but learning how to make them has become a bit more difficult.


Auto-Furnace - Upon a server restart all furnaces will be automatically turned on and begin cooking. This is done to fix the issue where when an admin restarts the server, all furnaces have to be re-started.


Teleport System - While on a foundation that you placed; in chat type /sethome (home name) (1 is the quickest) that sets the teleport location you can have up to 3 on this server. i.e. /sethome 1 /sethome 2 /sethome 3. Once you set home, in chat type /home (home name) and in 30sec you'll be brought to that spot.


LiveMap - http://map.playrust....99.100.59:28016


This will update when the server changes to a new map so you can easily find your way around to monuments. Our server will wipe every two weeks. We may add or take away features in future,

depending on server stability and population.


Join us on TeamSpeak: devilsplay.teamspeak3.com



D1STuRB3D http://steamcommunity.com/id/wildmanc

GoodTimes http://steamcommunit...GoodTimesSenpai

 Any questions or concerns please contact me or D1STuRB3D. We will be glad to answer your questions. Thanks for reading this thread and we hope to see you in game!!


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