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Arma 3 - Altis Life | New | 600k Starting Money | Friendly Staff & Players

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Hey fellow Roleplayers - Please read the whole post and consider joining guys!


I'm one of the Main Developers and Creators of Faded-Network's - Arma 3 Altis Life 4.4 Server.


On our Altis Life Server we offer lots of customization. We have edited the map alot and the mission in general. We have Swedish Government Vehicles for Medics and Cop: 




Would you like to become a Rebel and grow, pick and sell drugs? Well then we are perfect for you, we offer gang owned Villages + Gangs owning areas of the map where cops may not enter to interrupt their roleplay, if they do rebels may protect themselves.


We have Blackmarket Shops That are protected by the rebels to make sure no regual civilian is going to the Blackmarket and buying weapons that may hurt the Rebels. The rebels take fees from the civilians allow them into the blackmarket and their area of drug Fields.


The cops have custom Vehicles and Custom Clothings/Uniforms designed to simulate Sweden, and Swedish Emergency. We Allow people to Speak both Swedish and English, If you're english feel free to ask them to speak English.


The Medic have custom Vehicles and Custom Clothings/Uniforms designed to simulate Sweden, and Swedish Emergency. 

Only poeple who have been playing Altis Life for a long time may become Government Employee this is to maintain a great roleplay on our servers and prevent it from becoming a bad server.


We ONLY have two admins, me(F0CUS0) and Kaiman. We are both always following the Server Rules and Enforces them to make the experiance for non-admins the best possible.

We have a safe-zone and general area/General Information space in Kavala this is to make sure new players will be able to start their time on our server without being killed or robbed. Players on our server is friendly and likes to help eachother.


We have worked hours, days, week and months on this server to make sure there's no bugs and make sure there's everything people will be needing for a great experiance on our server and at the same time keep mission file size down.


Starting Money: 300k

100K Bonus Money: altisliferpg.com - Say that to F0CUS0 or Kaiman.


Checkout Our Ruleset And General Server Information Here: https://faded-networ...m/altislife.php
Our Community Website: https://faded-network.com
Our Arma 3 Forum: https://faded-networ...play.php?fid=38
General Community Information: https://faded-networ...information.php
Game Tracker Server information: http://www.gametrack...
Arma 3 Altis Life Server IP-Address:
Join our Teamspeak 3 Server for more information: Join Now

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