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If you play TF2 join !
Make sure to join and spread this group to all your tf2 companions! 
Owner: TF2.Emp |?Domino's Pizza 
Co-Owner: ?TSN?Tuna Soft 
Admins: Timecow1 
Hex - Making SFMs 

Also put TF2.Emp in front of your name to show us your support 
Thank you ! 

Current giveaways: 


Dont miss it!! 


We are open to work with other steam groups so feel free to contact me. l am the owner of the group you can find me in the members page. To make sure l am TF2.Emp |?Domino's Pizza orhttp://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198217119316 . This makes it easier to find me. 
I am normally the one hosting games, giveaways and competitions. 

Regular donators: 

Big Thanks to these donators 
Hex-Making SFMs 
You can become a donator simply donating to this steam group through donating to through this link: 

By donating to us it will show your overwhelming support for us and the steam group. You will also become moderator if you donate over 2 keys of items or if you invite over 80 people. 

Giveaway Milestones: 


We do a giveaway everytime we reach a milestone 
100 [ done] 

200 [ done] 

300 [ done] 

500 [done] (Huge giveaway) 

700 [done ] 

1000 [ ] ( giveaway plus alot more ) 

1500 [ ] 

2000 [ ] 

General Information Of Team Fortress 2 Empire: 

We are a welcoming group for all TF2 players and fans. 
We are a group of people who are addicted to TF2 and a love the game. 

We will be occasionally holding Competitions where prizes will be awarded, Mann up games, Bootcamp, zombie fortress and a custom map (server i.p below) 
We also do giveaways so make sure invite your friend. 

'Have fun on tf2 and may this game be ever in your favor :)' 
Quote- TF2.Emp |?Domino's Pizza, 2016. 

Custom Server Information: 

Custom server: 
I.P address: 
Make sure to add it to your favourites. 

Make sure to join and spread this group to all your tf2 companions !

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