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[AD/EU] Immune-Gaming Multi-Gaming clan.

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Hello guys!

Long story short Immune-Gaming is a clan looking for chilled out, 'mature' (but not stiff as wood) gamers.


We want to create quite small community where members can just hop in, check if someone is online and play some games together.


We started about two years ago as a casual clan for a MOBA called Smite. We had members aged from 16 to 30+ from all over the Europe. After some time we (group of ~30 people) fell apart. (Life stuffs etc.)


As I do have some free time atm I kind of took the lead of the clan and I want to recreate it with the same spirit it had back then. Now as a multi-gaming clan because personally I do play many different games and do not really like to stick to one for ages.


I will try to get in touch with older members but it will be only a handfull of us still active and that's why I'm looking for new buds!


Basically we want to play games for fun and even if we lose, just carry on with a smile on our faces.


Examples of games: Arma 3, CSGO, Battlefield series, Insurgency (many fps'es), but also LoL, Smite, Minecraft (maybe even idk), GMod, L4D2, WoT etc. etc.


We are looking for people from all over the Europe (mostly so we can have similar pings etc. and play on the same servers). To communicate we're using english so at least basic knowledge would be recommended. (Although If you don't want to talk, just play etc, that's totally fine! Whatever wiggles your jiggles.)



" Immune-Gaming aims towards chilled out multi-cultural athmosphere where people would feel like at home! We love to win, but won't get salty if we lose. Just play and have fun! We want not only to create a gaming community where people can call eachother friends, but also a place where they can chill and chat.  We're looking for 'mature' members (age 16+) that don't mind the Admin being retarded. We are a multi-gaming clan which means we are up to play pretty much everything that has multi-player in it.  "



If you have any questions please ask below I will try my best to give you an answer!

Our site / forums (still kind of WIP / there is no content because of no members) - http://immune-gaming.shivtr.blue/

Have a nice day and hope to see you there! default_smile.png

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