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[AD] SunlightMU S9 Ep2 | F2P | 300x | Unique Gameplay | Fully Customized | 10.09.2016

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SunlightMU Online is a completely new and unique Free 2 Play MuOnline Private Server, open for all types of nations! Our server features a completely new and out of the ordinary gameplay style which includes 2 types of PvP environments and fully customized with new and unique events, features and configurations. We have designed our server to fit into 3 main currencies such as WCoins, Jewels and Zen with no Web Shop at all. We provided you many ways of acquiring all of the 3 currencies mentioned before and the ability of donating for WCoins which will provide you an earlier access to our fully-equipped in game Cash Shop. There are a bunch of other features I would like to tell you about, but that will ruin all the fun, so I'd rather say get prepared for a new experience with many other players who we are expecting upon launch.



Basic Information
About Server
Normal Experience: Dynamic  (Info)
Master Experience: 80x  (Info)
Drop Rate:  30%
Excellent Items:  Drop up to 3 options
Max Level:  400
Max Master Level:  330
Normal Level up Points:  5/7/7
Master Level up Points:  1
Max Overall Stats:  50.000
Max Resets:  100
Grand Reset Type: Clear stats and reward 5000 extra stat points, after this you will only recieve credits and no more stats bonus.
Characters Creation : From level 1, all classes are available
Reset Type: Clear Stats + 300 Points * Resets (5 Credits Bonus Each Reset)
Max Grand Resets:  Unlimited
Reset Zen: 5.000.000 * Resets
Jewels & Chaos Machine Rates
Jewel of Soul (+Luck): 50% (+25%)
Jewel of Bless: 100%
Jewel of Life: 50%
Chaos Machine Item/Pentagram +10/11/12 (+Luck):  50% (+25%)
Chaos Machine Item/Pentagram +13+14 (+Luck):  45% (+25%)
Chaos Machine Item/Pentagram +15 (+Luck):  40% (+25%)
Wings Level 2(+Capes): 60%
Wings Level 2.5: 50%
Condor Feather:  40%
Wings Level 3:  30%
Level 400 Socket Weapon: 50%
[FONT=Georgia]Advanced Information
Advanced Gens System  (Info)
Advanced PvP System  (Info)
Offline Trading & Levelling  (Info)
New Invasions  (Info)
New Events & Rewards  (Info)
Special Bots with functions (Experience buffer, newbie buffer, pvp buffer)
Expirable Items Drop System (Some maps may reward you wings, pets available for certain number of days)
Special Map Drops (Some maps feature drops such as chaos cards, golden keys, jewels, and many more!)
New Boxes (Unique Weapon/Accessory, Lackluster, Luxurious and Exciting Boxes)
Strenghtened Mobs (Events, bosses, battle maps and pvp maps have monster strenghtened)
Chaos Cards (Highly valuable. You can get wings, bundled jewels, cash shop items, fenrirs, books of golden mobs and many more.)
Golden/Silver Boxes (Drops various items such as S1-S2 equipment up to +11, pets, talismans, chaos cards, pentagrams and many more!)
Lucky Coins (Rewards various items such as pentagrams, tickets, wings, chaos cards and lots more)
New Boxes (Unique Weapon/Accessory, Lackluster, Luxurious and Exciting Boxes)
And many more left for you to discover in game!
Almost each map has spots and every spot can be seen through Minimap. Excluded from the list are some big level maps which as hidden spots.
Zen drop amount is very low, best way to make zen is to hunt mobs for boxes like Box of Heaven, Heart of Love, Medals, Chocolate Boxes, Candy Boxes, Ribbon Boxes.
Jewels drop is disabled from monster until PvP maps and Battle Maps, another way is to hunt boxes which may also reward you jewels.
Many maps feature an unique drop of a certain item, make sure you find out which are those maps.
Hunt daily for Egg Monsters, MUUN Horses, Invasions and Events for WCoins and Goblin Points.
Stay online and gain Goblin Points, accumulated online hours can be also exchanged to WCoins through website.
There is no WebShop at all, all you can do is donate for WCoins and use them to our Cash Shop.
And many more!
[FONT=Georgia][B][SIZE=5]Contact Us

[color=red][b]Stay tuned for more informations!


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