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[AD]Awakened Cabal Online

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Awakened Cabal Introduction
Awakened Cabal Second Version
Since we had some bugs and Developer was offline a few days , we are going to revive the server. Unfortunately, the only bad thing in second version is Wipe of first version.
This time we're going to get the antihack server, so no more hackers !
New Client release without bugs.
The server is going te be medium rated and it will have same chances to both , donators and no donators. So, no pay to win server. (Only Facny and usables)
Able to get Vouchers.
Medium rated server:
Exp:100x (increased)
Skill Exp Rate:150x (Increased) - Double Trans Skill Points.
Craft Rate: 150x (Increased)
ALZ Bomb: 10x
ALZ Amount: 50x
PetEXP Rate: 50x (Increased)
AXP: 100x
WEXP: 4x (Increased)
Drop per Mob : 3x (Increased)
More Info:
Max Level: 200
Max Class Grade: 20
Starting with Grade 1/Novice Skill Rank/Honor Rank 6.
Maps : 13
Unique Quests
Custome Costumes
Unqiue Drops
No pay to win (only Fancy and Upgrade Items)
Special Channel (Better Rates , x4 drop.. , a couple of hours every day)
Starting Gear (Bluestin Gear and Weapons , Epaulet +4, Remote Shop Card, Potions)
Legendary Box
Boss Boxes
Unbiding Stone (Just for some accesories)
Item Acc bind Transfer ( You have to contact Semado )
Safe Box (100% Chance to get perfect item)
Title changes (Kills Decreased , Stats Increased)
Able to get scrolls (Drop in Every dung)
New T-Point,DP,WEXP Shop.
New skills - Ep16
Full Donations back in eCoins.
Compensation for old Players in eCoins.
Wait for the second release and get more info about features while u're playing !
Screen Posts soon !
Server is online since 10.09.2016
If u have any questions feel free to ask. 
Your sincerely,
In-Game Screenshots:

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Crafting System
Re-edited crafting system.
Able to craft Sigmetal/Drei Frame/Arhcridium.
Proffesional Craft Lv8 Added.
Crafting shops are located in Warp Center #1 (Alz buyable)
There's alot of changes in all crafts.
Soon you'll be able to try this craft 
Here are some screens:


Update 29.09.2016


A list of the incoming update:
Destroy an item and get safeguards on +13/14/15
New Crafting System (able to craft , an example in amp, 7%/8%/10%,10% with 1 filled slot of amp)
Safe Box - Defeat last bosses in Dungeons many times and get a perfect item ( only fatal and outrageous 1/2 slot )
Legenedary Boxes of Bosses - Defeat Pluma 5 times as an example
Blended Rune Cube - 10.000 WEXP at WEXP shop in Bloody ice
Bike Scroll Cube - Dungeon Points 150
HP Auto Heal Rune
Minesta Belts from +10 will be availalbe at Chloe Port Lux
All buffs will have Instant Casting Time
Legacy Weapon Costumes
Awakened Hazardous Valley (Same as others but kinda hard, Party of max 3 players.)
Orphidia's Amulet (Awakened Hazardous Valley)
new 16 Pets
Orphidia's Unbinding Stone
Minesta's Unbinding Stone ( Minesta Belt +10 or above )?
Visual Bug of Honor Rank Stats
Decrease INT of Blade /Katana Archridium
Dungeons Entrance in Bloody ice - Forbidden Island bugged
First chest in eod3
Eternity Chaos Arena 4th boss 
Art of curse -20% def
Archiridium cant store in Auction house
Heal fix, heals too much
Decrease Attack of Archridium Weapons
Decrease Dmg of AFT2 Dung
Decrease HP of ADX Mobs
Increase stats of Golem Vampiric Earring
Treasure and Relic chest in CI - change uchh/fchh to uch/fch
Decrease Magic Water of Purification Price to 1 alz
Decrease waiting time in RS and FT1
Decrease Price of Aura Transmuter to 1.000.000 alz
Tempus Ring boost

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