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02 November 2011 - 09:49 PM

I am a member of et.tjw.org. TJW is the co-creator of ETPub. In the past most times you downloaded an etpub client it came from us. You might be saying, "why is this guy telling us this"? Reason is that I hope it makes this request be taken a bit more seriously.

Our server runs ETPub 9 with damagekick being not enforced so players can choose. Most of us play with it set to zero and have gotten very used to it. This feature puts us on more even footing with players that potentially bot as they don't care if their screen shakes or not as it does not effect their aim. I can actually go head to head with someone who is cheating when damagekick is set to 0 and have good results.

We recently played on a silEnT server and loved it with the exception on one thing: the screen shaked when we were shot. It was so annoying we could not play very long and all of us ended up disconnecting. To understand how we feel imagine if someone forced you to play with blood splashing on your screen when you have always turned it off previously.

We loved the mod so much but the one and only thing stopping us from implementing it is the damagekick. As far as I know we were one of the first if not the very first ET server so we are not some fly by night group. ETPub is no longer being developed and silEnT has kinda of taken the torch which is great. I read in your forum about this command and that you had issues with server admins not being knowledgeable enough to restrict it and that may have led you to just remove it as well as your personal opinion that it wasn't needed. So... this is just my strong argument for it.