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    Mortar Ammo

    Posted 18 Jun 2014

    This is most notable in Battery (Back Bunker) and Snatch (Axis Ammo Site)


    If you are picking up ammo for a mortar that is completely empty it will not pick up 16 rounds until you step away from the ammo crate, generally to the outside.  Sometimes it works if you switch weapons a few time (Oasis).  It only lets your pick up 15 rounds. This is only from ammo crates built into the map, Ammo from a field ops works fine. Not that big of a bug, just making you aware.

    dat file not being procuded

    Posted 2 Apr 2013

    I used a new ETKey and the silent.dat file is not being produced or saved.

    Class limitation issues/ideas

    Posted 2 Apr 2013

    So, scenario:

    A server has a limitation set for medics based on the number of players on a team kinda like this (dont feel like typing it in programming code -.-): 9 players on one team allows 4 medics, but when theres 10 players its still limited to 4. I just find it out, unless it was on purpose. But thats not the issue.

    The issue is as soon as it hits 8 players, the last person to pick the medic class gets kicked out of it (I believe), well before they die, they are unable to do any functions as a medic to themselves, pretty much signing there death warrant.

    Its also a bit annoying that you guys got rid of the thompson as soldats main weapon, and it defaults to mg42. Is there anyway to fix it, or to warn the player in limbo or immediatly when they are going to lose there medic class rather than next spawn?

    K43/Grand pick up

    Posted 2 Apr 2013

    Its a pain in the ass to pickup one of these weapons. I can stand there for a minute trying to pick the weapon up, is there anything to be done for this?

    Silent pk3 become corrupt

    Posted 2 Apr 2013

    Recently players have been reporting that they keep on getting kicked from the server. No one really told me what the server was saying, but did my own attempts and it seems the thompson is getting corrupt some how and is causing players to be kicked with a "no weapon 0" error. They get kicked two or three times, then they finally get on server and are unable to join the allied team, which is weird. Reinstalling the pk3 seems to fix this issue.