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  1. Done. http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/tracker/issue-105-fg42-speed-reload/
  2. Wasn´t it a valid bug? proofs weren´t enough? or that is not a bug just a setting configurable?
  3. Today i "found" a bug or something like that about the speed reload of FG42. The reload of FG42 is slower than other guns, no matter if you have 4 starts or 1 start in your status. I tested manytimes in our FA Silent Server and FA Hardcore Server and from my point of view the reload speed is pretty clear. I use MP and FG42 as proof. I add 2 videos: The first one is from Silent Server and the second one is from Hardcore Server. http://www.mediafire...b2zn9mntfhtflui (Silent) http://www.mediafire...gpc3u8qvih69rk7 (Hardcore) Hope this bug can be fix without many problems. Thanks in advance. PD: As a side note, for some strange reason, i couldnt review my own videos becuase after the conecting bar is ready to show the video, it close by itself and show me this message: Hope you guys can download those videos and watch them, if not, let me know to take once again a couple of videos. Thanks
  4. I going to ask Hellreturn (daredevil) to check that because i cannot. Thanks for the help
  5. Hello I was trying to change my name while playing and used: !rename (slot or name) and i did not change my name at all. I had to use Limbo menu to change my name. I was wondering if this prob is a bug of the mod or just the command is not working??? Some screenshots (I was under daffy duck): Thanks in advance
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