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want to hire ET programmer


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I am looking for someone to create a custom ET mod for my servers.


This will be a private mod that is not to be released. You will not "own" your work, but you will get credit and can use this on your resume.


Due to the licensing issues we are not purchasing your code, but making a donation for your donated time.


I am running a modified jaymod server with omnibot and enhanced mod. Our server crashes often and needs a better guid system, Yes I have run silent mod many times, I like the security features but I want more flexibility and we want to have creative control over what goes on our servers.


We are looking to integrate map voting, hardware guids, and better security with something like jaymod. We are ready to develop our own mod to move past this dead and buggy mod. We want to have creative control over the mod and make something very customizable. Some recent exploits have encouraged us to finally bite the bullet and get rid of jaymod.


If you are interested please contact me through this forum, with an offer of how much you would like to have donated (a paypal account would be fine) and what timeframe you would need to deliver a finished mod. We will be looking for ongoing support as well so we need someone reliable who has been in the ET community for a few years (so we would know who you are).


Thanks for reading.


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A few comments:


1) Yes I am aware it is a lot of work. That is why I would prefer to just pay someone who already knows what they are doing rather than spend six months of my life staring at code. This forum is where to find people who are responsible and know what they are doing.


2) Yes I am aware that this will cost money. I am not thinking that this is something I can get for a $500 donation. Some of you know who I am in real life, so you know I am capable of basically buying whatever I need/want.


3) I am not trying to re-invent jaymod. Jaymod sucks.


4) I do not want to "just use silent mod". I ran a silent mod server next to our jaymod and No Quarter servers for a year and it was usually empty. I respect that silent mod is silent mod, and I do not want to modify it. I cannot even run enhanced mod with silent mod. I would prefer to have more freedom to operate.


Thanks for reading

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