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Blacksandgaming Australian and New Zealand gaming community

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Blacksandgaming is an Australian/ New Zealand gaming community however we welcome all players from around the world. We have been up and running for about 6 months and have a strong core group of players which are friendly and helpful. 


We are focused on the Arma series/ Life is Feudal and many more community bases games. We tend to stick to role-playing and base building games.


We are not donation focused. Everything is free


For clans with five or more players we offer a dedicated clan channels on our teamspeak server as well as a locked forum so you can communicate with your members online and offline.


For groups less than five we offer a single locked teamspeak channel.


You do not have to play on our servers to be apart of the community many members play different games.


Website: http://www.blacksandgaming.com


Teamspeak: ts.blacksandgaming.com


Please ask to speak to Roo for more information. 


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