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-Recruiting- Joint Special Operations Command

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Visit our website here: http://jsocrp.enjin.com/

Visit our Team Speak 3: ts108.teamspeak3.com:7623


Liberty City and San Andreas Joint Special Operations Command




Requirements: Valid and Legit copy of GTA IV for PC. Microphone and Team Speak 3. Must be able to attend at least one to two official patrols a week. You must have a mature and positive attitude during patrols. You CANNOT be younger than 13 years of age.


Recruiting open for: Police, Fire, EMS, Civilian, and Dispatchers.

S.W.A.T. and other task forces also available through the Police position only. (Members are allowed to choose multiple positions!)


Recruitment Process: Join the Team Speak 3 server and wait for an available representative. You can join the TS3 from the website posted above. Someone will be with you to give you an interview. (You can also check the website for Applications, they may not be up and running yet.)




Requirements: Must already be a member of JSOC and attend current patrols for GTA IV. Valid and Legit copy of GTA V for PC. Microphone and Team Speak 3. Must feel comfortable downloading and installing mods regardless if they are supported by Rockstar or not. Be open to new ideas and role playing scenarios. There will be NO official patrols until further testing.


Recruiting open for: Police, Civilian and Dispatchers.

S.W.A.T. and other task forces have not yet been discussed. We will most likely have S.W.A.T. and FIB.


Recruitment Process: We are only accepting applicants who are already in JSOC and would like to help test GTA V with those who have the game. Speak with Director Mike, Director Deco, or Lt. Perry.



We hope to see you soon! Email us if you have any questions!

Tatullifilms@gmail.com - Mike Tatulli

Nick.Perry9402@gmail.com - Nicholas Perry

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