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Website: http://muplayon.com/
Forum: http://muplayon.com/forum

[General Info]
8 Season 3 Episode
Client-Server AntiCheat Protection
Exp: x10
Master Exp: x1
Item Drop: x40
Zen Drop: x60
Max Master Level: 400
No Full Stats
Points Per Level: 5 / 6 / 7
Guild Creation From: 300 Level
xShop (wCoins, pCoins, gCoins) - buffs, pets, small wing and other
Balanced Zen Drop
Balanced Monster Strenght
Balanced Characters

/add - add free stat points (/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd )
/post - send message to server chat (cost 1kk)
/pkclear - to clear pk status (cost 10kk)
/reset - performs a reset

[Chaos Machine Rate]
Making Item +10-11: 60%
Making Item +12~13: 50%
Making Item +14-15: 40%
Additional 20% to items with Luck Option

[Party Experience]
In Party 1 member - 100%
In Party 2 members - 105%
In Party 3 members - 110%
In Party 4 members - 115%
In Party 5 members - 120%
In Party 1 member - 100%
In Party 2 members - 110%
In Party 3 members - 115%
In Party 4 members - 120%
In Party 5 members - 125%

[Reset System]
Reset Limit: 250 Resets
Reset From: 400 Level
Reset Price: 10kk * Resets
Stats After Reset: Clear (DW/ELF/DL/SUM - 300 Free Points * Resets & DK/RF - 250 Free Points * Resets & MG - 400 Free Points * Resets)

Blood Castle
Castle Siege
Devil Square
Golden Invasion
Bone King
Kalima Kundun
Chaos Castle
White Wizard
Kanturu Event
Loren Deep Event
Dopple Ganger Event
Invasion of eggs
Mu Rummy event
Imperial Guardian
Raklion event
Bonus Manager
Custom Arena event
Custom Drop event

[Additional Info]
Reconnect System
Reconnect Party System (300 sec)
Custom offtrade (gCoins, wCoins, pCoins)
Unique Box & Medal Drops
No Excellent Ancient Items
No VIP Servers
Stronger Maps Have Stronger Mobs

[Website Info]
Exchange credits to wCoins
Vote & Reward System


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