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Download of the day: Google Chrome

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Google Chrome


Every PC comes with a perfectly decent web browser, unless it’s really old: if you’re using Internet Explorer, just skip the rest of our words and hit the download link right now.

Chrome is Google’s alternative to your default web browser, and it offers a number of things that your current browser probably doesn’t.

Why you need it

Speed, security, speed, simplicity, speed, flexibility. Did we mention speed? Chrome is incredibly, ridiculously fast, and if you don’t install all the plugins in the world – known here as Chrome Extensions – it won’t make your PC feel slow and sluggish no matter how many tabs you open. We tend to browse with just a few well-chosen extensions, such as privacy protectors and video blockers to stop auto-play videos from annoying us at work.

It can use a lot of RAM, but that’s because it keeps each tab as a separate process. That means if one website hangs, it won’t crash the entire browser. 

Another key reason to go for Chrome is that you can sync your bookmarks, auto-fill items and even your open tabs between devices – not just PCs but Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices too. That’s a boon if you’re always juggling gadgets or need to access the same things at home and at work.

Download here: Google Chrome

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