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mapscripts and mapconfigs

07 July 2016 - 04:25 PM



If i put in mapconfigs into the map.cfg a command like wait 100 it would have effect?

Or do i have to put it in mapscripts? And in mapscripts, i can put a cfg file?


It's because of the antirush mod. I've edited the antirushmod cfg and if i put at time

something like 10, then the objectives are disabled for the first 10 minutes. So, then

i edited it to 1 min but after that time the objectives are enabled for the rest of the 

map. How could i do it that every 5 minutes for e.g. the antirush enabled itself again

and again?

XP do not save after server restart

23 June 2016 - 09:42 AM



I am working actually some hours to get XP saved after a server restart.

XP will be saved if i do NOT restart the server. I tried following cvars from


set g_XPSave 21 
set g_dbUserMaxAge "365d" 
set g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp "365d" 
set g_XPSaveMaxAge "365d" 

That settings do not works. Then i tried this:

set g_XPSave 23 
set g_dbUserMaxAge "365d" 
set g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp "365d" 
set g_XPSaveMaxAge "365d" 
set g_XPSaveMinXP "-1"
set g_maxXP "-1"

Same here, same problem.


I do not get a error message in console or smth else. Admin lvl's will be saved

after a server restart. I've checked "database". I cannot find a file where XP

should be saved. And there is a .cfg calls userxdb.db wich is empty. Is that 

file relevant for getting XPSave working?


I hope you could help me because i do not know what i could do more...



greetingsound at NQ

02 March 2016 - 06:27 PM



i tried now greetingaudio and greeting_sound and it do not works. The error message says me that the parse is wrong.

I've putted the WAV file into nq mod folder. Therefore i have my actually path like this: /home/nq/sound_1.wav

Maybe it should be in nq pk3 folder but then all visitors have to download that or?




Specific Level

05 February 2016 - 05:57 PM


Is it possible to do a command for an admin wich his commands effects only on specific levels?

Example: I have an level System with 15 levels. BroWn get level 13 and if he !setlevel, it'll
effects only at members with lvl 5 and 6. And if he do !finger, this command will work at all

Is that possible? To specific wich lvl he may use at wich lvl's?

Mini-mods for specific maps

10 January 2016 - 09:05 AM


i had an idea wich i try to set these days and i am not really sure how to do.

So, i hope i'll explain it well:
I try to set mini-mods for some maps. I mean, if i would have a mapcycle with
10 maps for example, and 5 of them should load a mini-mod, how i can set it?
Example: fueldump loads with starwars mod and next map loads normally...

I guess i have to do it in mapconfigs for each map itselfs but wich cvar i
would need? And if i want to load for some specific maps a other skinpack,
how i have to set it?

I hope you know what i wanna try :D