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Mini-mods for specific maps


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i had an idea wich i try to set these days and i am not really sure how to do.


So, i hope i'll explain it well:

I try to set mini-mods for some maps. I mean, if i would have a mapcycle with

10 maps for example, and 5 of them should load a mini-mod, how i can set it?

Example: fueldump loads with starwars mod and next map loads normally...


I guess i have to do it in mapconfigs for each map itselfs but wich cvar i

would need? And if i want to load for some specific maps a other skinpack,

how i have to set it?


I hope you know what i wanna try :D

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The star wars mod is a pk3 file which is run globally for all maps on your server.


Most of the minimods are built using downloadable pk3 files which get distributed to your players and run for all maps.


One possible way around this would be to put the character skins within the map pk3 so they would be executed when that map runs. Then the next map would have different character files which would then be executed, and so on. However this could get quite messy and might not reset to the normal default character skins properly. Also you will need to rename these files with unique new names so they load after the default skins, and are not confused with the original map names.


It is possible but tedious and it could mess up players ET installations if you dont do it properly.


You might be able to do this better with lua or enhmod or some other hook.

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