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Lua Enhanced Server Mod 2.7.5c

About This File

Lua Enhanced Server Module or LuaESMod or LESM for short, is a server side mod written in lua which aims to provide many features for server admins and their players.

It can be used with various mods that support lua 5.1 and up.



What's New in Version 2.7.5c


  • Updated connect message config option to show name or username
  • Updated blacklist system
  • Updated regularuser system
  • Updated ignore system to allow sound ignores and permanent ignoring
  • Updated the filesystem stuff to be a little more flexible
  • Updated Sound system to work with ignore system
  • Updated time related config options to except formats like: 5d
  • Added lua side warn system
  • Added automatic warning options
  • Added admin mail events
  • Added many keys to user profile to decide where stuff is printed if at all
  • Added message filter keys to user profile
  • Added Log.OneFile,Colors,Full Config options
  • Added ShrubCommandFix Config option
  • Added Message.ColorReplace,NameMentions,EventMentions
  • Added Profile.AutoCreate,MaxIp,MaxGuid
  • Added Rename table instead of RenameETPlayer
  • Added MinNameLength
  • Added rank to salute and welcome
  • Added seen command
  • Added cvar command
  • Added experimental zelrating command (silent mod only)
  • Added ability to block/convert to chat commands that output global chat/sound
  • Added metricdistance key for profile
  • Fixed showing shrubbot commands in help
  • Removed columns key in favor of automatic cvar get (silent mod only)
  • And probably some more stuff...

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